Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Divisoria Trekking: The Search for The Male Entourage Outfitter

I didn't really think too much of the male entourage outfits since the H2B said that he will just ask everyone to wear barong. But then I realized after checking online that there are different kinds of barongs and these guys might end up wearing different shades!

*que horror*

So off I went to visit my excel spreadsheet of wedding finances to see if I can squeeze in the male entourage's barongs too. After much tweaking and hair pulling, I finally came up with a very meager budget for these guys.


So off I went to Divisoria to find the guys' outfitter. Ilaya again is my first destination. It was so hot, the sun was burning a hole in my head! So in my haste to get out of the sun, I was only able to speak to one vendor. Her name is Noime, from Wedding Gown ng Bayan. She was very accommodating and answered all our questions easily. She did not seem to be just selling but was really interested with what we have to say. So after a few minutes with her, my brother and I were sold to the idea of having her do the barongs.

We still walked around and asked but so far she was our best bet. She offered us 1k for piña jusi for the barongs! How cheap is that! I was so happy I wanted to jump up and down. There were other options like organza which costs 350 pesos, jusilyn which costs 400 pesos, or organza piña which costs 550 pesos. I thought we won't be able to afford a piña jusi barong for the guys but thanks to Divisoria now we can!

We also checked out the barongs in 999 Mall and found another stall who offers the same price as Noime. We talked to Stephen of Jazz's Bridal Boutique. They had a wider variety of designs. But somehow, I felt more at ease with Noime. Probably because she was so much nicer. But he was also accommodating, but... Well, it's hard to explain. So at the moment I still haven't decided where to get the entourage barongs. From nice, Noime or from more choice Stephen.

If you want to get in touch with these people that I met today, here are their infos:

Noime from Ilaya
Wedding Gown ng Bayan
Pasilio 842 Stall 129
Ilaya St., Jumbo Plaza Bldg.
Binondo, Manila
Mobile #: 0927-2335577

Stephen from 999 Mall
Jazz's Bridal Boutique
Stall BA 8 and 10
999 Shopping Mall
Basement Level
Mobile #: 0906-8610049 and 0933-6342952

I will update you who I will get once I've made my decision.


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