Sunday, February 17, 2013

OTD Coordinator: Check!

After a couple of meet ups with prospective OTD coordinators, I have finally made my decision to get Events: Simplified. Karmie was very easy to talk to. I really like the fact that they are a group of 2011 brides from Gtalk so they can relate with what I am going through right now. And a lot of coordinators don't get the idea of DIYs because they are used to catering to really high end customers. But for me, DIYs are valuable inputs from the couple, it helps personalize the event. And Karmie and her team are willing to help me with executing my DIY ideas for the big day. I contacted them November 2012 and so I was able to get them for their 2012 rates. 


Here is what I got from them:

Although it says here that there are only 3 client meetings, Karmie told me that it can go more than that. These are meetings with the emcee, event stylist and venue vendor for detailing, supplier endorsements, and some other stuff which I really can't recall anymore. These 3 things, though, really tattooed itself into my head. I feel that these are the 3 things that I can really use the client meetings for.

Here are the things that I can expect from them, pre-event:

And here is their commitment for the big day:

Another nice thing about Karmie is that she said I can also ask her about legal paper works even if I just got OTD. I can also ask help about supplier suggestions for those that I still need. Like for example, since one of the freebies include a Wish Tree, I asked here where I can buy the small tree that can be used there since I want each table to use a Wish Tree as a centerpiece. And she said when she makes her canvas she will let me know since she will also be looking for those too. And I also asked her any referrals for designing our invitation suite and she said she will ask her previous client. I am also pleased that they have already worked with a number of my booked suppliers so that means relationship between these guys will be a breeze since they know each other already. Those things mean a lot to me. I have made my research before finally deciding to book them and I haven't seen any negative feedback for them. So I am pretty confident I made the right choice. 

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