Monday, February 18, 2013

Photobooth: Check!

We initially did not want to have a photobooth. But the FMIL really wanted to have one, she said it was something to do for the guests while waiting for reception to start. And that made sense. So off we went in search of our photobooth team. The FMIL had a request that she wanted it to be magnets. So that was one of our considerations.

I saw a lot of pretty low rates in Sulit but I wanted to get someone who already had lots of feedback. I came across CLIP Photography in GTalk and checked them out. They have some really ingenious products! I totally loved their magnet idea for the photobooth. It's called Magnets Plus! where guests will have a 2 by 6 sized photo magnet which will have 3 shots from the booth. The 4th shot will be printed on a 2 by 6 strip where they can write their messages for us and these will be compiled and given to us by CLIP. You can find the rates and more of their delightful products in their website.

Here is how Magnets Plus! is, grabbed from CLIP's website:

CLIP has a promo right now which is what I availed of. For the Magnets Plus! I can get it for 7k good for 2 hours plus 1 with a 1 hour stop time on top of the 3 hours. So it is like a total of 4 hours! It also has free upgrade to customized tarp or virtual background. It is a very good deal for me. To book them, I just need to make a down payment of 50% of the total package that I will be getting. And their account is with BDO! So accessible!

I am still contemplating if I want a customized tarp or virtual background. Think, think, think...

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