Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Review: MAC Media and Soulfully Rich Lippies

My friends keep on teasing me. They said that before I got engaged I didn't have any interest in make-up or beauty products. But when I got engaged, all of a sudden I am all for beauty products. I tell them that I just really feel like it, I feel that since I am crazy in love and is a bride to be, I want make myself as pretty as can be, blissful bride to be.

That being said, I have a few posts that are coming up about lippies. It is such a wonder that something can totally transform the way I look from being pale into whatever effect I want!

I have been browsing through different palettes for sometime now and I narrowed down my list for MAC lippies into 2: Media and Soulfully Rich.

My friend bought these for me when she was on vacation in the U.S. and I just paid a total of Php 1,400 for them! When you check these at Rustan's these cost 1k plus! Savings, savings!

Left: MAC Media
Right: MAC Soulfully Rich

MAC Soulfully Rich
Special appearance: BDJ BOX

MAC Media
Special appearance: BDJ BOX

I was on Skype with the H2B when these babies flew in. Here are some of my emo pics while Skyping with the beau.

MAC Soulfully Rich
Ivylicious as The Corpse Bride

MAC Media
Ivylicious Bitch Mode

Overall, I know I can rock these lippies but probably not in the office. Maybe on one of my night outs. Too dark for daytime use, I think. I love how they really have a matte finish. And I had a hard time removing them, these are long lasting babies. 

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