Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Review: Wet n Wild Megalast Lippies Sugar Plum Fairy, Ravin Raisin and Vamp It Up

So goes my exploration of the lipstick world... I was obsessing on whether I will buy a MAC Rebel or not and I was browsing the net for swatches to help me make my decision when I came upon this list of MAC dupes from the blog Uptown Urban. And I found out that Wet nWild has a shade called Sugar Plum Fairy that is considered a dupe for MAC Rebel.

So off I went to SM Megamall to get a tube. At least if this color really works for me then I can consider getting the MAC Rebel, that way I know it's not money wasted since it looks good on me. Turns out I am quite happy with the Wet n Wild one that I am considering just buying it always instead of buying the MAC one! I mean, it's only 300 bucks for crying out loud. And it lasts long enough, until I eat. But when I drink it stays on.

And in my excitement I ended up buying two more: Ravin Raisin and Vamp It Up.

So here is a shot of me with my Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy lippy. It's kinda fuchsia pink and a real stand out. Sorry I forgot to take a "Before" picture.

Now, on a different day, I tried on the Ravin Raisin shade. I got to the office early (it happens once in a blue moon, so must have been a blue moon that day) and haven't put on any lipstick yet, just my customary Chapstick gloss.

So, here is a "Before" picture:

And here is the "After" picture;

It's perfect for a barely there make up look for me. Just my BB Cream, matte finish powder and this lipstick and I am off to start my day. 

Now, me and my love for dark lipsticks are just crazy. Remember, I already have the MAC Media and Soulfully Rich ones. But I just had to get the Vamp It Up shade of Wet n Wild for some reason. I am so Halloween ready. 

So, I tried this when I got home from the office of the same day that I tried on the Ravin Raisin one. Here is a "Before" pic.

And here is the "After" pic: 

*Insert evil laugh here*

This is so Morticia Adams, right?!? Anyway, I love it. But I don't think it's something I can wear going to the office. My image is not Goth Chic at all. Nothing against Goth Chics but it's just that when you see me in person it is just so wrong for me. I am too talkative to be Goth at all. 

And to complete my Morticia Adams look, I added on some Wet n Wild Icon Eyeshadow in Sugar. Oh yeah, I didn't mention I got that too, huh? Well, it was an impulsive moment for me. 

All set for Halloween, ya'll! But seriously, I love the combination. I just can't really wear it going to the office. Too dark for daytime use. And with all the dark lipsticks that I got I will have to go out at night more. 


I have yet to test my new Shiseido Rouge Lippy from my BDJ Feb Box. I hope it's not too red for me. I just can't see me wearing something too red. Maybe something like wine red? But not the just red type. I don't know, only one way to find out if I can rock it or not! Test it! Will post pics about that soon. 


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