Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back Up Photographer: Check!

I researched well and long before deciding to get a back up photographer. Ever since I started planning I have been on the look out for THE back up photography team. But I couldn't decide who to get. I was thinking of converting the service we got from NYOI into back up photography but I wanted them for our 2nd e-session.

So one day, JR said something in FB about how he enjoyed working with Manny and April. I checked the pictures from them and I was just blown away! They did great! So I asked JR if Many and April were his back up photographers for the wedding he just did and he said yes. I asked if he was okay if I got them for back up too and he said yes too. So I contacted them right away and asked for their rates. And for the 2nd time I was blown away because they were so affordable and available for our date! I was ecstatic! I booked them right away and informed JR of the good news. Hurrah for Manny and April Photography!

I can't wait to work with these guys. I am thinking of also getting a post nup and couple boudoir with them too. I love their shots. And I like talking to April a lot! 

Here are some of my favorite shots by them grabbed from their FB account:

I can't wait for my turn to come! These guys are amazing! It makes me all giddy just thinking about our pictures. I have the best people on our team. JR plus Manny and April. I am just, like, WOW. 

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