Friday, March 15, 2013

Belle De Jour Box March

I had a headache the entire day at the office. But when I got the text message from my mom saying a package was delivered for me from Viviamo, my headache miraculously disappeared! Oh my excitement for beauty products.


I could not wait for my shift to end so I can head home and check out what BDJ BOX sent for March. So when I got home, I haven't even changed clothes yet when I unboxed my loot.

Presenting... The March BDJ BOX L'Oreal Edition!

Me in all my wasted glory (again!)
Maybe next time I should wait till morning before I 
take pictures of my unboxing. LOL

I love the tag line!

Oh... My... Goodies...

Just what I need. I have notorious hair fall problems. I hope this will help solve that! And I love it that the BDJ Box team took the time to secure the lids of the items to prevent them from spilling. Good job, people!

Left: Fall Repair Hair Shampoo
Right: Fall Repair Hair Conditioner

I am a fan of BB Creams, even if the only one I've tried so far is that of Etude's. I am excited to give this a try, too! Since this is from L'Oreal, it must be good. 

UV Perfect BB Max

This is perfect for the coming season. The heat is crazy! Time to double up our face's protection. 

UV Perfect Longlasting UV Protector

Ooooohhhh... More lippies for me! I love it when I get these babies in the box. 

Shine Caresse

Wow, is BDJ Box some kind of mind reader? I was just wondering what I will do with my nails next the other day... Hmmm...

Color Riche Les Nail Art

I take Myra E everyday, got to take care of our skin, girls. And oh yeah, I am getting old again this year. I totally need this. Here's to younger looking skin! 

Youth Code Pre-Essence

My BDJ Box is never complete without these stickers. Another addition on my BDJ Planner!

Sticker: "Because you're worth it."

Goody, goody, goody...

*claps hands in excitement*

Which one to use first?!? 


  1. Hi.I just started blogging and I saw your site. Do you swap membership?We can follow each other thru Google Friend Connect. :) Let me know.Thank you! :) Email me here: hehe..

    BTW, cute blog! Love the pink theme! ;)

  2. By the way, my blogsite is The March BDJ box is so nice, I'm so jealous! :( They ran out of March box..But I'm getting April and they said it's also a great one!yey!hehe..

  3. Hey, CJ! Yeah the BDJ March box is fab! The February one is amazing, too. Shiseido! Am sure the April box will be awesome too. :)