Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy Saturday: CIW Outreach and Hello Dolly Workshop

I was bored the other day and just typed the word CRAFT in the search field in Facebook. Through this I chanced upon the Facebook account of Craft MNL. I checked out their page and saw that they hold workshops in their facilities. I found one that specifically picked at my interest: Doll making! I used to do small dolls when I was younger using old stockings and some foam. So I instantly wanted to sign up. I was panicky when I saw that the date it is to happen is the following day already. Oh, no! I might be too late to sign up! I posted a comment in Craft MNL's FB page but figured it was already late and the administrator might not be online anymore. So I searched for the FB account of and sent a message there too. I saw their email address and sent a message there as well. I was ecstatic when Jaclyn Colmenares-Zapatos replied saying that I can join!

I had an outreach at CIW the next morning, call time was 7:30 AM and here it was already 2:00 AM and I could not sleep. I was excited for the outreach and for the workshop. Speaking of which, look what the ladies at CIW gave me! The other one is from one of my church-mates (the cross), the other one is from Amy, one of the ladies from CIW.

Going there is very heartwarming. I feel very blessed to have experienced being with these wonderful ladies. I can't wait to go back their next month.

We were at CIW at 8:30 AM and left at 11:30 AM. I had to rush home so I can get ready for the Hello Dolly Workshop at 2:00 PM! So by 12:30 PM my brother and I left home to go to Craft MNL where the workshop will be held. And boy did we get lost! We were going around it seems for an hour! Traffic was heavy in Buendia and it was driving us crazy. Finally, we found The Collective but I was, by then, 45 minutes late! My classmates were already sewing the head!

But Jac was very nice and she still allowed me to participate. Jac is the proprietress of and makes really cute dolls.

So, here is our very cute kit prepared by Jac that I grabbed from their Facebook account. 

And here are the progressing pictures of my doll!

Starting with the head

Look! I've attached the arms to the bust now!

I had a hard time making the eyes! It was uneven!

It's starting to really look like a doll now!!

Tadah!! Meet my newest creation! 

And what is a class without a class picture, right?? 
(grabbed from's FB Account)

The dress making part was not included in the workshop but I think that will be relatively easy to figure out compared to making the actual doll. 

My brother and I were starved after the workshop. My brother had to wait for me to finish all the long hours! So I had to treat him for dinner.


We had dinner at Calda Pizza in The Collective as well. We did not want to travel hungry.

We ordered their carbonara which we were unable to take a picture of because it was diminished so fast! We loved that they gave us the entire bottle of the parmesan cheese for us to use as we please. And their carbonara was really good! That in itself is worth coming back to.

We also got our favorite Mochiko just across the Calda Pizza place while we were waiting for our order. 

My brother said my doll was being 'emo'
because she is naked! LOL

Overall, it's been a productive Saturday. I was able to do the work of God for me in the CIW and I learned the basics so I can start working on my Bride and Groom dolls! I am so excited to start!

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