Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Calligraphy Play by Fozzy C. Dayrit

I am a huge fan of Fozzy C. Dayrit. I love her works, especially her calligraphy. So, I am thrilled and absolutely excited to be able to join this class this coming April! I subscribed to her website so I won't miss any updates. 

There are two sessions, one for April 13th and one for the 27th. Both are happening in Eastwood, which is a good location for me. The proximity from my place is very ideal and lots of parking space. I will be joining the April 27th class since I am already fully booked for the 13th with my training for Saddleback Manila Kid's Ministry and with my classes in Trade School Manila. I would have to skip Kris Bacani's Make-Up 101 in Trade School Manila for this, though. But I already had Make-Up 101 with Michelle Camaclang, anyway. This was like a refresher for me, only. But calligraphy class, now this is something I haven't done, ever. And I really want to learn calligraphy sooo bad!!

So, wish me luck! I hope I can really learn how to write like Fozzy. I am such a huge fan! 

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