Monday, March 4, 2013

Graphic Designing for Dummies... Literally.

I stayed home the entire day today and had a lot of time on my hands. So I experimented doing some graphic stuff for the wedding. I am no genius when it comes to these and I only used MS Paint and Word to get these done. I am a tech moron, you know.


So here is my try at doing our Save The Date.

I just downloaded fonts and played around with it. Got these fonts from here. The fonts I used here are called Calligraphia Frames for the frame I used, The Dreamer for the words inside the frame, Bookman Old Style for the words outside the frame, and for our names I used Some Weatz Symbols. All of these fonts were downloaded except for Bookman Old Style. 

I also got this nice Wish Tree Poem that someone suggested from GTalk.

The fonts I used for the poem is QuigleyWiggly and for our names I used The Dreamer. For the date I used Edwardian Script ITC

There are also a number of free DIY printables from, here are some of them:

Thank You Card

Photobooth Signage

"Here Comes the Bride" Signage

"Mr." and "Mrs." Signage

"Bride" and "Groom" Signage

I am still thinking if I am going to have these printed over plywood of some sort or just simply print it on paper and stick it to an illustration board. My worry is that if it is just printed over an illustration board it has more risks of getting ruined, especially if it gets wet!

I also found some awesome printables for photobooth props. Here are some of them:

There are lots of these kinds of printables from

They have lots of different varieties but these are my favorite. I think these mustaches are hilarious!

I also love these from

The question now is getting these printed which might cost a lot. Or I can just DIY these and paint them on boards. I will have to see what other options I have.

Well, these are all my graphics designing conquest for now. I have Moki Gray to do my invitation suites anyway so I am not worried about that in the least, I know I am in good hands!

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