Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reception Details: Print and Mount

I have been planning to have a movie type poster for the wedding reception instead of the usual nuptial announcement on the registration area. And I have been wondering how I can accomplish this: Do I get a tarp printed? A blow up of our picture from our e-session maybe? Where do I get this done?

Well, thanks to my good friend Ayi, I found Print and Mount. She was at the bridal fair in SMX last weekend and she booked them and shared the good news with the rest of us. I sent a message via Print and Mount's FB account and the owner was kind enough to extend the same rate to me as the one in the bridal fair since I inquired on the same weekend! I was worried they would say no since I was not there at the fair physically but thank God for nice people!

The one I got is the 20 x 30 Poster Mount from them. I got it at the discounted rate of Php 910.00! I am so happy! That way I can just choose one of the pictures from our e-session, edit it so it will have the "movie" details and send it to them for printing and mounting. 

Take this movie poster of "P.S. I Love You" for example. There is the picture of the stars, the movie title, the movie tag line, and the people or team behind the film. So for our movie poster display at the reception I am thinking of the title "Happily Ever After" or "Completely and Forever" (which is what the H2B said to me when we were in high school!!). And then for the tag line I want to use the phrase "Once Upon a Time a Boy Met a Girl and They Fell In Love". And then for the cast and production team we can put in our names, the photo team, and whatnot. And then for the showing date of course we will indicate our wedding date. 

I am excited to finally have our e-sessions! Yes, with an "s" because we have two and bordering on having a third one. That way we have more choices for the picture that we want to use. I can't wait! 

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