Friday, March 1, 2013

Wedding Rings: Check!

I have been messaging with Prestige Maker via FB since November last year. It is just recently that I have made up my mind about the ring designs so finally last Sunday, the 24th, I went to meet Tita Lyn of Prestige Maker at Coffee Bean in Greenbelt 3 to make our down payment for our wedding rings. I didn't set any expectations of what she will be like but I was surprised, nonetheless. She was really nice and I was comfortable right away. I was expecting maybe someone who looked like a mom, dressed like a mom, had a body like a mom. Someone with a superiority complex maybe because of the type of business that they have. But she was cool, lean, athletic, and, if I might add, pretty. Plus, she knew her craft. She went on to explain the specifications that I wanted for our wedding rings and to confirm the price we had agreed on. She is a no nonsense person without seeming uncaring. She seemed sincerely concerned for us not just as customers but as individuals.

She also took out this measuring thingy to check my ring size.

Since I did not have the H2B with me, I brought our couple ring with me as size reference since this is his ring size. Tita Lyn borrowed it because apparently when we checked the ring against their measuring thingy it was not a standard size. It has a .25 or .5 to it. And I really wanted the sizes to be accurate so I agreed to lend them our couple ring.

Here is a shot of our couple rings together with my e-ring. Our wedding rings will be like this too except the H2B's ring will have no diamonds. Mine will have five 0.10 diamonds. Both rings will be set on 14k white gold. 

I actually really liked the ring showed by one of the girls from GTalk and showed it to Tita Lyn saying I wanted something similar. 

It will be something like this except in place of the diamonds in the groom's ring it will only be shiny metal. My ring will pretty much look like that of the bride's. The H2B didn't want diamonds on his ring because he said he might just lose it since he is at the field most of the time. 

We also agreed on what kind of diamond to use on our rings. That also affects the pricing so we wanted to be very specific. Also, we wanted the bands to be thick so they will be using more gold than the standard wedding bands. We wanted to invest on our wedding rings since these will be what we will use for the rest of our lives, right? 

The production time for the rings is 2 weeks but I said there is no rush, we can get it around April or May. That way we are sure that they will not be too hasty in making them and will do so with TLC. 


But don't get me wrong, I am very excited to get the rings! But April is not a long time from now. I just hope that they can execute the design that I want. I will post pictures once I get them. 


  1. See different wedding rings in above picture and the design is superb. It will give ideas to buy the rings for my wedding and engagement. Thanks for your sharing

  2. Oh. You will have a bespoke diamond wedding ring. Wow. Lucky you. When I received our wedding rings, I was hesitant at first to get them because they were not shiny. When the maker wiped them, they became shiny. That was when I came to like them. Just sharing my thoughts. I hope you will also look at unique wedding rings UK.

  3. Hello, Kelly. Yup! We didn't want to get something from the mall, we wanted something made especially for us. You have some really nice rings in your site! :)