Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Enrolled: Candidly Pretty's D.I.Y. Bride Workshop

Last April 13th I attended the DIY Paper Decors class in Trade School Manila by Candidly Pretty's Koni Esteban. She mentioned that she will be having another class soon about other crafts that we can do. And I have been waiting when the schedule would be. I thought it would be with Trade School Manila again but it seems she has a different venue for this one. I got this poster from her blog.

Once I saw this, I sent an SMS message and an email right away. I want to join! The venue for this one is Lasting Impression, it's a craft store in San Juan. I love that the topics that will be covered here would really be applicable for me as a bride. I am so excited!

Incidentally, the workshop for YellowViolet did not push through since the other participants wanted one on one tutorials and their availability did not match mine. So, it's good that Koni is having a DIY Bride workshop. I am so excited! 

And since the workshop is going to be held at Lasting Impressions, I have a feeling I am going to blow my bank account on May 25th. Demmit... 

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