Monday, April 8, 2013

Event Stylist: Check!

I have been on the look out for my event stylist slash florist for sometime now. I had a meeting with Amante Fleurs and so far they were offering the best deal during that time. The package that I was planning to get from them amounted to Php 33,000 which included the centerpieces for 18 tables and 2 presidential tables. The centerpieces will be alternating from tall to short arrangements since it will be cheaper compared to having just tall ones. I also received a quote from Mister Hardinero but it was a whopping Php 57,000 and I just am not willing to pay that much for flower centerpieces that will wilt away the following day.

So at that time I already wanted to book Amante Fleurs. I like their work and their price was very reasonable. It is a good thing that I haven't made my down payment yet during that time. Something was telling me to wait a little bit more.

I met with Ryan and Jenny of Flower Power Flower and Design at CBLT in Eastwood yesterday. They were recommended by one of the girls from GTalk, so I checked them out. I liked what I saw in their Facebook account so I contacted them right away. They are very quick to respond and very nice. And meeting with them was very pleasant, too! They were such a cute couple, I liked them right away. Here is what we have agreed on for our reception decors:

My wish tree centerpiece is going to come true!

Trellis for the VIP tables

Paper flower backdrops, how cute is that?!?

Low arrangements alternating with the wish trees

The quote that they gave me by far is the lowest and they are also the nicest to talk to. I had a hard time ending our conversation because I was having so much fun! If my brother and I didn't have to be elsewhere I would have gladly stayed on and chatted with the cute couple. 

I can't wait for my big day! I am sure these guys are going to make it look awesome! 


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    1. Hello, Kim! I think it was around 26k or so. Not bad for the fabulous work they did! They come highly recommended!