Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Visit to Abbylyn's Shoes at Cubao Expo

I am looking for affordable shoe makers for my entourage shoes. I read from GTalk that Abbylyn's in Cubao Expo only charges around Php 1,500.00 for the basic flats so their high heeled shoes would be around Php 1,800.00 or so. These are, so far, the cheapest I have come by. Some start out at Php 3,000 up. That would mean I need to spend Php 21,000.00 for entourage shoes! No, thanks.

The Cubao Expo seems to have a U shape. The dipped part of the U being Bellini's which was made famous by JLC and Bea's movie "One More Chance". It was not hard to spot Abbylyn's. They had signage outside their shop, which is not a common thing in Cubao Expo. Not all the shops display their store names.

I am not sure if the shop is supposed to be air-conditioned or not, but when I visited they only had an electric fan. I was amazed that the attendants didn't collapse from the outrageous heat! When I went in they didn't take notice of me, they were busy checking the newly delivered shoes for some brides who ordered from them. 

The store was disorderly and dusty. The shoes were just placed side by side as shown in the picture below. They were kinda dirty, probably from all the dust.

They kind of remind me of a shoe factory where the place just kinda resembles a big mess of shoes. We went to a field trip when I was still attending school and I can say that the one we visited looked so much more organized than Abbylyn's. Probably because it was a big company? But still, the size of your company does not equate to how clean or orderly your store should be. 

I inquired about the pink shoe in the middle, this would cost Php 1,800.00 and will take a week or two to produce. So, it is confirmed that their prices are more affordable compared to other custom shoe makers. But I was really turned off with the way the place was presented. I went into other shops in Cubao Expo and they looked okay. So it is not an excuse for Abbylynn's to look shabby. 

So in the end I decided not to order the shoes from them so I cannot say anything about their finished product. I've read some good reviews about their output, but a lot of complaints about their timelines, though. But for me, these things will not be put to the test. 

So, back to the drawing board for me. On with looking for reasonably priced shoe-makers for my girls. 


  1. So, where did you end-up getting the shoes?

    1. Hi, Emilenn. Am ordering from Fashion Purveyor from Marikina. Check out their FB page here: