Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trade School Manila Class: DIY Paper Decors for Intimate Events

Last Saturday was my first ever class in Trade School Manila. I learned about this via the Facebook Page of Candidly Pretty which I am subscribed to. The page owner, Koni Esteban, posted about her class in Trade School Manila and I decided to sign up for it.

If you are not familiar with Trade School Manila, it is a non-profit, non-traditional, independent learning community where students barter with teachers in exchange for instruction. Like, for example, our teacher for this class asked for items like Ariel Complete, GCs, and the like. Since I wasn't sure which Ariel Complete she wanted, I brought one pack of the original one and one pack of the one for colored fabric. You will find out what the teacher's barter items are once you click on the "Join" button.

The class is called DIY Paper Decors for Intimate Events. We learned how to make pompoms and buntings. Here are some of our creations hanging from the ceiling so we can clear out our table for the buntings part of the class. It might look simple but it was no easy feat to do these! Maybe when you are doing this often it won't be as challenging anymore. Practice makes perfect, after all.

The one I made is the violet one in the second picture. I was actually late for around 20 minutes because I had a hard time getting a cab since I didn't want to drive; I was confused with Google Map. I found it ridiculous because in Google Map Petron was not visible which should have been right in front of the venue! So instead of driving, I felt safer taking a cab to get there. The training was held at the Chemworld Fragrance Factory along Gil Puyat Avenue. So, in line with being late, I had to work double time to catch up. Hence the very rough edges of my pompoms.


Our next lesson is making paper buntings. This would be perfect for my bridal shower! And maybe for the candy buffet table and couple table. Koni gave us some pretty paper wrappers that we can also use for the buntings. She was really nice because she allowed me to take my remaining paper wrapper home and even gave me the extra ones! Yipee!

The beige pennant is made of card stock with floral impressions. It just isn't visible in my picture, I guess. The pink one is scented cardboard paper. And the one with flowers is the paper wrapper from Koni. So pretty, right? I used some yarn to attach these papers too and voila! 

My mom actually liked the pompom and hanged it at the end of the curtain rod in our living room. She said I can make lots more of those and it would look nice on the couple area for my wedding. So I might do just that! 

And what is a class without a class picture??

 Grabbed from the Facebook of 
Trade School Manila

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