Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trade School Manila Class: Make Up 101 with Kris Bacani

I was totally psyched to attend Make Up 101 last Saturday at Trade School Manila. I know I already had basic make-up class with Michelle Camaclang where she let us try out applying make-up on ourselves. But I feel I really need more exposure to this.

The class was 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM but we extended more than that. Kris Bacani is an amazing teacher and make-up artist. She teaches pro and personal make-up classes in Makeup Designory Manila for almost 3 years and she is also a freelance make-up artist. She does wedding make-up, beauty shoots, commercial shoots, editorial and fashion shoots. Now, if I haven't booked my HMUA yet for my big day she would be included in my list. Her personality is like a ray of sunshine, when she started to speak it's as if the room brightened. And her skills were put to the test when she did a demo for the class. She did day make-up for one of our classmates and she almost looked like a blushing bride! She was literally transformed in front of us, step by step as Kris went along the make-up routine. She didn't look all that different, just prettier. Aaarghh... So hard to explain. Let's just say Kris enhanced the model's best features and played down on the not so good ones. So the model looked like herself, only prettier. Get it?? She also showed us how to transform this day make up into night make up. Awesome smoky eyes!

Anyway, here are my important take-aways from the class:

I cleanse regularly (of course). And I also tone, I started doing this quite recently, like around 6 months ago. But I don't moisturize and exfoliate. And I don't use sunblock. But after this, Kris explained the importance of all these steps so starting yesterday I have been doing all these except exfoliate. Kris said that we should just do this once or twice a week. I haven't bought my exfoliating wash yet. I will still research which ones are the good buys. 

Kris also shared with the us step by step procedure on how to apply make-up. Here is a summary:

1. Foundation - I learned the BB Cream actually falls into this category. And since we are Asians, we should choose yellow tones.
2. Concealer - Like the foundation, we should also choose yellow tones. And I learned that the ring finger is the make-up finger since it is the weakest so therefore has the lightest touch. This should be used in applying the concealer. Tap, tap, tap. She shared with us that for eye-bags we should use orange or peachy shades. And for redness we should use the green ones. 
3. Powder - Loose powder or pressed powder can give an equally good finish. 
4. Eyebrow products - This can either be pencil or powder. And never use black for eyebrows since it will look too strong even if you have black hair. She also showed us how to shape the eyebrows. 
5. Eyeshadow - I learned about the types of eyeshadows namely: Highlight, Midtone and Contour. I also learned how to use this to my advantage like choosing shimmer over matte or satin since this is for younger skin. 
6. Eyeliner - This comes in pencil or liquid. I've already had my encounter with both of these when I was younger and I can remember the liquid ones are nicer to use. Kris said to powder the whole eye area first before applying eyeliner to prevent from smudging.
7. Mascara - There are three types of mascaras: defining, lengthening and volumizing. Well, since you will use it anyway, go for the one with the most benefit then! She also said not to pump the wand in and out of the tube since this dries out the mascara. And if you will use an eyelash curler, this should be done before putting on the mascara.
8. Blush - This can be powder, cream, stain or gel. Personally, I don't want to use blush. I already get red-faced easily. So, no thanks. For fair skin, peaches and pinks are best to use. For medium toned, it's best to use corals and roses. Creams, stains, and gels are best applied with finger tips and should be applied before putting powder. For powder blushes, use big brushes.
9. Lispstick - To make the color last longer, slick on a first coat and then blot with tissue. After this, swipe a second coat. 
10. Tools - The top picks for beginners like me are the eyeshadow brush, angled brow or liner brush and blush or powder brush. For brushes, it is best to use the natural ones for powder products and the synthetic ones for cream products. I also need to have tweezers, which I already have; sharpener and eyelash curler. For the brushes, it is best to buy natural hair ones compared to synthetic ones. She also taught us how to clean our brushes. She said we can use baby shampoo if we don't have cleaners. And we should not soak the brushes in water for a long time.

So, what's in your Kikay Kit??

She also taught us about make-up shelf life. 

So, off we went to the demo part of the class. I noted that Kris cleaned her hands very well using alcohol and wipes before starting off with the demo. Nice!

Look at all those brushes!!

So, today I decided to put my learnings to the test. After taking a bath, in my true OC nature, I washed my face again. I used Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Foam.

After this, I used my Etude Wonder Pore Freshner for toning. 

Next is I moisturized using my Etude Collagen Moistfull Emulsion.

After that...

So, first step is to apply my BB Cream. I used Etude BB Cream.

So after applying the BB Cream...

Now, based from the recommendations of Kris in her pink boxes from the slides, I bought some make-up right after the training. Ayi and her sister Ella went with me and we had fun choosing make-up from Kris's lists for newbies like us. Here's one of her recommendations.

I applied this using a L'Oreal Brush which I got from someone from the U.S. and I am sorry but I really can't recall who gave me that brush. LOL

After applying of the powder over my BB Creamed face...

Next is the eyebrow pencil application. I have been using this one for sometime now. Got this from Nichido.

Can you tell that I already used my eyebrow pencil in this shot?

On to the application of the eyeshadow. I could not find the Elianto ones that Kris recommended but I found this instead.

And after applying eyeshadow the way Kris showed us...

So, next is the eyeliner. This proved to be quite tricky. I had a hard time staying still. I got the Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner.

And for the mascara part, I bought the FS Eyelash Curler and Maybelline Volumizing Mascara. The mascara, again, is a pasalubong from someone but I can't recall who. I am terrible. 

I also used a barely there pink lipstick from NYX called Minimalism which I got from Digital Traincase

So, since I am in a hurry already because I might get late for work, I did not take a picture at home anymore. But after our meeting, I already had time to take my picture with the overall day make up look.


Taken from my station here at the office. I used flat iron for my hair for it to calm down to complete the fresh everyday look.

Thanks so much Kris Bacani and Trade School Manila for this very precious knowledge you have imparted!

If you haven't booked your HMUA for your events, I suggest you book Kris Bacani. Check out her website so you can see her protfolio. And if you also want to see the classes being offered in Trade School Manila you can also visit their website

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