Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Got Our Rings!

My very first meet up with Tita Lyn of Prestige Maker was March 24th after messaging back and forth in Facebook. That was when I made my down payment and placed our order for the rings. I told her that I just like planning things earlier and getting things done early so I can just relax 6 months before the wedding date or so.

Last April 21st, I met with Tita Lyn again. This time to finally get our finished rings. I was just so excited! This is it! Finally!

So off we went to Trinoma together with my brother. My friend also tagged along since she is also going to Trinoma where her dad will pick her up after our Church activity.

When we got there, Tita Lyn was already sitting inside French Baker in Landmark waiting for us. She is always so prompt.

So we finally sat down with her and I was palpitating with excitement. Here are our rings!!

This also comes with an arrhae which I forgot to take a picture of. It is now safely locked in my mom's cabinet so I will just take a picture some other day. 

My brother and my friend both said the rings are really pretty and classy. And I totally agree!

Here is a picture of our rings grabbed from Prestige Maker's Facebook Page.

I actually got the inspiration from a fellow GTalker's ring. The only difference we did is instead of matte finish for the groom's ring I had it done looking like wood bark patterns so that it is not exactly alike. 

I can't wait to wear my ring! This is additional excitement for me when the day comes. Hurry up, 2014!


  1. Hi!
    Hope you can help me out, do you have prestige maker's pricelist? I have been messaging them in fb and texting them too, but they have not responded. Getting married next year too. Thanks so much! =)

  2. Hello, Wabby Pretty. Since we had our own design, we just sent the picture to Prestige Maker and they gave us a quote depending on the type of materials we want to use. I don't have a price list of their existing ring designs, though. But I asked for the prices of some of their rings and it really varies. But so far majority of those I checked were 20k up, all of which have diamonds. :)