Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Follow Through from the Hello Dolly Workshop

I joined the Hello Dolly Workshop in Craft MNL last March where I learned to make Waldorf Inspired dolls. I had tons of fun and I am really looking forward to creating my bride and groom dolls but I've been busy these past few days that I haven't even dressed up my very first doll! I named her Shelby, just because I love the new Mustang Shelby GT500. But my doll will not look like a racer in any way. She will look very shabby chic. So... Anyway... Shelby... Yeah... Moving on...

Since I am working from home today without much to do, I decided to start making her a dress so she won't be naked anymore. My brother helped me out since I am such a rookie in sewing and he actually aced this in Home Economics! How embarrassing that my brother can sew better than me. It's a pretty simple dress and sorry I was not able to take pictures, I totally forgot! But I did get a picture of the finished product. 


Very shabby chic, right?!? I got the fabric from Divisoria which costs only Php 75.00 per yard! I still have a lot of left over fabric and I plan to make her other dresses from it too so it won't go to waste. I plan to start making my bride and groom dolls by next week after I go Divi Shopping for materials. Am so freaking excited!!


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