Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Female Entourage Shoes: Check!

In my true OC fashion, since I chose dresses that are below the knee in length for my female entourage I wanted them to have matching shoes. I saw this picture from the net once and I was absolutely sold on the idea right away.

Now, since my girlfriends will be rocking Infinity Dresses like these ladies here too, I decided to get them peep-toe shoes too. Their dresses will be different shades of pink. Our motif is different shades of pink with accents of silver. 

I have been contacting some shoe makers/manufacturers and the quotes I have received range from Php 1,800 to Php 3,000 and I think these are pretty steep rates since I have 7 girls to buy shoes for. So when I chanced upon this stall in Sta. Lucia East Grandmall selling these silver peep-toes, I just had to ask how much they were. They quoted me Php 600 each! I was ecstatic! And I said I would like to order 7 of those shoes, I asked if they can give me a discount. Apparently, wholesale rate is different and cheaper. So I made a down payment of Php 1,000 and they said the shoes will be available in a week or two after I give the sizes that I need. So I proceeded to ask my girlfriends their shoes sizes and sent an SMS to Alma, the personnel who is assisting me with my order. 

After a week and a half, I got a text message from Alma saying the shoes are in! 


I was at the office when I got the message and I could not concentrate on work anymore. So the following day, I decided to work from home and went to pick the shoes up. I was not disappointed, they were exactly what I need!

Here is a picture of my shoes for the big day:

It only has kitten heels since I am really clumsy in high heels and I want to be safe. Also, I am already tall as it is at 5'4 and my girlfriends (aside from one of the Bridesmaids) are smaller than me. I don't want to stand out like a sore thumb between them! LOL

So, here are the shoes for my girlfriends:

The heels are around 3 inches high, I think. I already had some of the girls try out their shoes and so far they all liked it! And it looked gorgeous on them! I can't wait for them to wear it together with their dresses. I just know my girlfriends are all going to look so damn pretty. 

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