Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner Prospective Venue : Cafe Kapitan in Marikina

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is held the night before the wedding, right after rehearsing how the wedding ceremony will go. So, ideally, this needs to be done near the church and everybody should be able to practice in the church as well. So we can probably have this the day before the wedding, around lunch time. But I haven't checked where we can do it within Intramuros. Also, I wanted to do it at least a month before the wedding since I want to give the dresses to the female entourage in advance, as in way advance, so that they can practice the style that they want to do with their infinity dresses. And I believe some of them also need to practice walking in their three inch high heels that we got them.


So, I am thinking, a month or two in advance would be a good move to have the rehearsal dinner. I just hope they remember all the details on the wedding day itself. We will probably give hand-outs so they can go through it themselves before the big day.

Last Sunday, I took my mom to have dinner at Cafe Kapitan in Marikina. I have been wanting to try out this place but haven't had the chance. I've read good reviews and I was really excited to try them out. It has an old world feel and perfect for our vintage modern theme.

Kapitan Moy Building

Here is the lobby and entrance to the Dining Hall.

They have a 4 function rooms, I already saw the small one beside the Dining Room the day before when I took H2B's mom for a Mother's Day Lunch. It can hold around 20 to 25 heads and is called the Piano Room. Sorry, I don't have a picture of this. But I do have a picture of the bigger function hall and the dining area.

The function hall across the dining area is good for 100 heads. It's called The Gallery.

The Dining Hall, where the actual restaurant is, is good for 50 heads. 

The well that you can see here is actually a real well, with water! But it was converted into a wishing well, so you can relax, they don't get their water from there. 


The place is huge, it has another function hall on the second floor but it was shut down when we went there so I was not able to check it out and take pictures. The food was pretty good, too. And very reasonable. If you will hold an event there, the rates start at Php 365 per head. I was also not able to take pictures because when I got back to our table my family was already digging in. I will just have to go back and eat there for picture taking purposes!!!

Ground Floor, Kapitan Moy Building
Sta. Elena, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Right across Our Lady of the Abandoned Church (OLA)
(0918) 933-7896 / (02) 646-4303

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