Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Great Finds: Japan Home Center

I am buying my supplier tokens one by one, no pressure. I just buy something when I think it would be fit to give my supplier or that it fits their personal likes. For example, I got Ingrid a Disney Merida doll since I know she is collecting Disney character dolls. But the draw back to buying early is just recently she was able to acquire a Merida doll. So I will just have to keep the doll for myself together with my other dolls. LOL And in my true low EQ fashion, I sent her a message telling her not to buy Li Shang of Mulan since that will be my gift for her. Yeah, some surprise giver I am. LOL

Japan Home has become a fast favorite for me these past few days because of their great bargains. Not only did I find possible supplier tokens but I also found decors for the registration table and candy-slash-cocktail buffet table! And the best part is it's either just Php 66 or Php 88 bucks! How cool is that, right?

Rubber Doily Placemat. I am thinking of using these as decors for the candy-slash-cocktails buffet. A friend suggested to cut our initials and place it in the middle of the doily. I love it! I will use felt paper for that.

Assorted Jars. I am going to fill these up with some good homemade cookies and give them to some of my suppliers. I got different jars for different personalities. I hope I got them right, though. 

Polka-Dot Jar: These are smaller than the others, around 5 inches tall. I find it really cute with it's printed cover.

Strawberry Printed Jar: Here is a taller version of the first jar, this time with cute strawberry prints on the cover. It's 6 inches high.

Flower Printed Jar: This has the same size as the strawberry printed jar. The only difference is the cover design which are blue flowers. So cute!

Small Silver Covered Jar: This is small too but bigger in diameter than the rest. It is 4.5 inches high and 4 inches in diameter. And it's got a transparent cover with silver accents.

I also got this flower vase for the registration table. I plan to put some of the DIY flowers me and my mom made and then cover the part with the biggest diameter with some white lace. It's 7.5 inches high.

These Eiffel Towers are the cutest! They are 6 inches high and is also made of glass. Too bad 2 of them didn't have the cork covers anymore but I bought them anyway. I can always find cork covers in Tabora in Divisoria to cover these cuties. I plan to fill them up with candy sprinkles and use them as decors for the candy buffet.

I also bought some picture frames for the wish tree poem and also the quotes for the candy buffet table. The big ones are 11 inches high and 9 inches wide. Here they are:

The choices where kinda limited. There were brown ones too but I didn't like it that much so I just got the remaining pinks and one in teal. I got smaller ones in white where we can put our picture in. It's 7.5 inches high and 5.5 inches wide. Here it is:

These are accumulated purchases from different branches. I just have to use a lot of self-control most of the time to avoid over-shopping for things I didn't really need anymore. But they have so many cute stuff that it really is a challenge to stop buying things! 

If you want to know what other cool stuff they are selling, check out their Facebook page here.


  1. Jars are chic! I remember filling one up with paper-made stars for a school project and another with sand + shells from Batangas ♥

    1. Oh, I saw some really nice jars from Landmark too! We should check them out next time we go to Parvati! :)