Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mock-Up with Flower Power

Last Friday, the H2B and I went to Flower Power's place for our mock-up for the table centerpieces. This was one of the highlights of our wedding preps errands scheduled for the week that he was here. I was so excited to see what Ryan and Jenny had in store for us!

When we saw the arrangements, we were not disappointed. I love it all!

Wish Tree Centerpiece

Since the ceiling of Diamond Hotel is high, we wanted tall centerpieces. I really wanted wish tree centerpieces and I thought I had to DIY these to make them a reality. So I am so happy that Flower Power can do the exact peg that I had in mind! The crystals are just a few here because they were not done with it yet but they assured me that there will be a lot of crystals hanging from the tree on the wedding day. The flowers are all fresh for the mock-up but as agreed we will be using a mix of paper and fresh flowers for the day itself. So freaking pretty! 

Flower Basket Centerpiece

Oooohhh... I loved these! The mix of pinks and the additional accent given by the cactus rose is beautiful! I love it! Jenny said that they will really be using the crochet doily together with this centerpiece which is just perfect! I will be using doily place-mats for the guests so this would be a perfect tandem! Everything is soooo falling into place! Here is a picture of the other side of the flower basket.

Flower Basket Centerpiece's other side

And we get to take these home! Yipeee!! So what Ryan did was move the flowers from the Wish Tree Centerpiece into another flower box and arranged it into something identical. Here is it:

So we got to take home two flower boxes! And the flowers survived for 2 days which is good. That means they will remain fresh for the duration of the event, which is like 4 hours or so, since they were able to live that long. Amazing!

I am so excited for the big day! I just know Ryan and Jenny will turn the Diamond Ballroom into a dream come true! Love you guys!

You can check out their Facebook account here. I don't think it's that updated, though. I am sure they have so much more beautiful creations that are not yet uploaded there.

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