Friday, June 28, 2013

Which Shade of Pink?

I just got the color swatch from my supplier for my canvas bag give-aways, Hannah's Golden Spring. They actually hand delivered the cloth with the paint to us! That is plus points for me. I like these people.

Please note that this is not our monogram. These are just prints so we can see how it will look like against the canvas fabric. The one with the check mark is the one we like best. So we are going to have that color used for the canvas bags. They also included lots of other shades of pink in case we didn't like the top 3 choices.

I also actually liked the last one on the lower right but my mom said this shade of pink looks really sad. It's old rose, I think. Vintage-ish. But I didn't want the give-aways to look sad! So I guess I will stick to the one with the check mark. 

Our print will look something like this, courtesy of Work of Arch. 

Simple yet elegant, so the guests would also feel comfortable using the bags. I can't wait to see the final output! I am sure it will all look nice! 

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