Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Wedding Campaign's 100 Kiss-The-Bride Project

I am just sooo thrilled over this!

Let me start from the beginning (redundant, I know).

Last April I came about the promo-slash-giveaway of The Wedding Campaign in Facebook. It's called Kisstrip, the 100 Kiss-The-Bride Project. WC is giving away 100 Instaweddings so they can come up with 100 pictures of the kiss-the-bride moment during the wedding ceremony. Here is the flyer for this promo.

You might be wondering what an Instawedding is, right? To be honest I wasn't so certain as well when I joined the contest. LOL 

Good thing Troy of WC was nice enough to shed some light about this. Here is his email message to all of us winners:

Hello there!
Hope I find all of you in great health and as always, wish that the preps are going well and remember to get some R&R whenever you can
Am emailing you guys now to let you know that we’re changing up some things regarding Instaweddings. In our first official Instawedding last Saturday, July 20, with Archie and Lala, we realized that there really are just so much pictures to share and baka mabitin kayo with just around 20-50 pages worth of pictures. So with that, we decided to make an album of around 100 pages!
The downside to this of course is that we need more time to fix the pics and album pages so we ultimately decided to release the Facebook Online Album the day after. We got to talk to some wedding suppliers as well and they actually said that this was a good move so that people can really enjoy the reception and not be too entangled wit the Instawedding album on the same night. Plus, you guys also wont be able to enjoy the album at the night of your wedding since the first thing on your heads would really be on more “pertaining” matters
Lastly, we also decided to throw in more goodies to the Instaweddings package and of course to you guys, these are still very much free of charge
We decided to add:
1. Same Day Poster which has both a pic and your logo (courtesy of WC so that if ever you need a profile pic for facebook ASAP, we got you covered
2. Next day PDF Album that you can put in your ipad or iphone so that you have something to share to friends and family the days following your wedding (plus something to look at and reminisce at during your honeymoon or mini-moon)
3. Same Day Movie Poster which has your logo (again, courtesy of WC) and regal post-nup kiss the bride picture.
Attached below are some links to facebook so you could see what we these things are, and how they would work for your guys at your own wedding
- Lala’s Same Day Poster that she made into a profile pic:
- Next Day Ipad / smart phone PDF album
- Same Day Movie poster
Looking forward to seeing all of you guys soon and always just feel free to contact me if you have any questions or clarifications k '

Is this freaking awesome or what? So, the WC Team will be on our wedding ceremony to take pictures, especially of the kiss-the-bride moment. And there will be so much more freebies as you can see in the email message above! God is soooo good!! I am teary eyed over this, really. 

If you want to see more of their cool work, you can check out Wedding Campaign in Facebook here

The Kisstrip Giveaway is already finished but if you want to have this awesomeness in your wedding day and would like to know their rates, you can find them here. But if you are also getting married on the 16th of February next year, sorry I already have that date. LOL

Praise God for cool wedding suppliers! Woohoo!! 

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