Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Emcee Update

So, remember the H2B was here for a week last month? Well, everyday for that one week we were out and driving. And everyday we get to listen to Office Radio and The Afternoon Cruise in Mellow 94.7 with  DJ Chloe and DJ Ingrid.

So, fast forward. The H2B and I had a talk, reviewing our Excel file and making sure we did not miss anything. And then, the H2B said:

"Cute ng tandem ni DJ Chloe and DJ Ingrid. Payag kaya sila mag co-host?" 

So, this got me thinking because I know Ingrid hosts weddings regularly that's why we booked her as our wedding emcee. But I know DJ Chloe was like a sports event host. But I thought it would be absolutely cool if we can also have DJ Chloe host our wedding seeing we are such fans, I mean I listen to these girls everyday! Haller!

So, I asked Ingird if it's okay for her to co-host with DJ Chloe, I shared with her how H2B is a fan too and it was his idea, and take note he does not make requests all that much during the wedding preps. This is like just the 2nd time, or so.

Since Ingrid gave me the go signal, I then sent a message to DJ Chloe in Facebook. And I got her reply after 72 hours and this is what she said.

"Hello Ivy! Awesome to hear from you! It would be my pleasure to co-host your wedding in February :)  Just set the date of the meeting. Could not thank you enough for listening! Super appreciate. Looking forward to meeting you soon :)"

I had to read it many times to absorb what she said. I wanted to jump up and down with excitement! I then shared this with the H2B and he was happy about it, too. We are having DJ Chloe and DJ Ingrid host our wedding! How cool is that, right?!?

Here is a picture of these pretty girls grabbed from DJ Ingrid's Facebook account:

Another photo, this time grabbed from DJ Chloe's Facebook Account:

I just know these ladies will rock our wedding! Am so excited! Waaaahhh!!!

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