Tuesday, July 9, 2013

W@W 2013 Grand EB

I just joined the W@W Community a few months ago and it was such good timing that the 2013 Grand EB was scheduled. So last Sunday, the 7th of July, I was able to attend an awesome party at Le Parc Metro!

W@W Badge Pins designed by

I was so damn excited when the W@W Badge was posted online that I shared it right away in my Facebook account. 

I was assigned to join the Decor Committee which I think is befitting because I am a DIY type of person anyway. So here is what I made for the EB together with another W@Wie.

This was used on one of the photo corners. When I finally realized how it was going to be used, that was the time I realized it was actually too small! Here is a picture I grabbed from a co-W@Wie's FB Account.

Soooo... Lesson learned, next time I will make sure to understand my assignment so it won't look... Well, Like this. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. But I still got this from the Decor Committee heads! Hooray!

I had so much fun finally meeting the other W@Wies that I only get to talk to in cyerspace. It would have been so much fun if I had the H2B with me, though. I wouldn't have been all that stressed driving to and from the venue! LOL

There were so many fun games! The first one we did was to do a Binggo type of game where you need to find a bride or groom who can right there names on the box that is related to them. The first one who gets to block 2 lines wins. And then there was also a bridal shower type of game where the bride had to put a balloon at hip level in her rear and the groom had to pop the balloon by thrusting into it! Gawd, it was so obscene to watch but also funny! Especially when the balloon does not pop right away, the groom had to thrust repeatedly! LOL And then there was this icebreaker where each table had to think of the commonality of the people in it. And the one that won was the group who said they danced Gentlemen well. Of course they had to do a dance number! It was fun to watch especially when Tito Boy Kastner danced with them in the end after he chose them as winners. The game towards the end of the event was educational: Guess the sexual position name! And we were all brides who had to join the game! Hilarious! It was fun, fun, fun.

And you know how thoughtful these people are? They even gave us tags where we can write our names so we won't mistakenly exchange glasses when we go back to our seats from the games!

The food was pretty good, too. The event was catered by Richgold and there were dessert stations by Punky Porca and Chef Velmor. I think there was also a cake buffet by Chef Kiko where I got most of my cakes. LOL 

I love the setting made by Richgold for the tables! Here is the set up of our table:

But this was my favorite of all the tables:

And the first thing I got? No, not food! Demmit. Cocktails from Margarush!

There were lots of gifts from the EB. Here is a snapshot of what I got.

Wait, what? Oh you mean that green awkward thing over there? It's a freaking vibrator! LOL. Got this from the raffle! There were 6 of us who got this and it was just so hilarious, really. Extra funny because me and a co-W@Wie who did not have our grooms with us because they are based overseas got one! I was like: "So we got this because we didn't have our grooms with us?" LOL! Fun, fun, fun! My mom was scandalized, of course. But I think it's hilarious. Here is a closer look. LOL

Oooohhh... I would have loved to have won the W@W Unity Coins but getting this was already "wow" (pun intended) for me.

And I haven't started reading this yet but upon browsing I saw how enlightening it is. The W@W Primer and W@W Yellow Pages:

But my favorite of all my gifts for the night is this: Free bouquets and bouts from JK Arts and Crafts whose owner also happens to be a friend of mine! And I can attest that her works are really nice! Woohoo!

Even if I got lost on my way home, I still can say it was a fun-filled day and worth all the time and effort. W@W Love!

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