Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Love Affair of Doilies, Feathers, Rubber Stamps and Other Randomness

From the start of my wedding planning, I knew I had to have doilies and feathers somewhere in our theme. And since I started preparing early, I had all the time and nonsense impulsiveness to buy so many things doily and feathers.

So, since it's a rainy Saturday and I know it's payday for a lot of people (READ: Traffic!), I decided to stay home and just organize my stuff. I have three boxes of wedding related items that I needed to go through. What I did is I grouped the related items together so I know where to find them when I need them.

I have doilies in these sizes: 14, 10, 8, 6 and 5 inches. And I have an 8 inch square one. I also have doily stickers and rubber stamps.

I have alphabet rubber stamps in 3 different fonts as shown below. And I have stamp pads with black, white, old rose and pink inks. The pink ones I plan to use for my DIY table napkins. I have yet to go back to Recto and have a bigger rubber stamp created for me. 

Wrapping Paper books are such ingenious creations! I love them! And here are shabby chic notebooks I got from Saizen together with the envelope containing all our wedding related documents. I can't even recall when I got these stuff, it feels like they've bee there forever! The notebooks are for jotting random stuff, but you guessed it right! They are blank pages! LOL

Rooster tail feathers, chicken feathers and ostrich feathers, for when I planned to make a feather bouquet which I had to give up because my mom was totally against it. She was really upset about it saying I was a weirdo. So, yes, am giving that up for my mom. So, what to do with these?!? I will think of something.

And then there's this pack of blings, acrylic diamonds. I will probably use these to fill up the Eiffel Tower bottles that I got from Japan Home. I think it will look pretty like that!

So there you have it. These are the outstanding ones I found from my boxes. A bunch of them are supplier gifts and bridal shower related supplies like paper cups, papers straws and table napkins. There are also a bunch of DIY items like different colors of felt fabric, Japanese papers, different craft papers, flower wires, lace, ribbons, and flowers. 

What a productive Saturday! Moving on to more late blog entries in a few!


  1. Sis, san mo nabili round doilies? thank you so much!

    1. Hello, Eilyne! I got them from different groceries and online stores. Check out Bee Happy in Facebook and StubbornlyLil CraftyHand! They sell doilies too! :)