Friday, August 2, 2013

Crazy Little Thing Called... Wedding Preps.

Wedding planning is a crazy, crazy phase. Especially if you have two years to prepare for it. I am pretty proud of myself for being able to book our suppliers way ahead of time. I felt it was a smart thing to do, being able to price-lock on their then current rates and all that. And the research was pretty intensive so I was confident that I was partnering with the right people.

In such a dynamic industry, it's normal for budding suppliers to come out regularly. The new ones that you know right away are passionate with their craft, the really promising ones. There are lots of those. And for most of my journey through wedding preps I have encountered lots of these, and for most of it I stood my ground and stayed with my chosen suppliers. Confident, yes.

For most of the wedding preps, the H2B was always there for me. When I present him with my shortlisted ideas or suppliers, he would patiently go through it one by one sharing his two cents along the way. He was never impatient or irritated. When I become too petty he would laugh his cute laugh at me and I would realize how silly I was being. But when I get that attack of Low EQness, he would consent and let me have my way knowing this was something important to me. You see, I don't get the Low EQ attacks on things that are not valuable to me.

Rarely does he request for anything specific for the wedding. You can count these in just one hand. So when he comes out and says that he wants something for our big day, I am all ears. So here comes one of the most challenging parts of our wedding preps to date: The H2B has requested to swap our main and backup photographers. This is no easy feat since we have already changed photographers prior to this. So Rule of Thirds was already our second photographer. As I mentioned in my previous post on the same issue, there is absolutely nothing wrong with NYOI. These are very talented people and the switch that we had to make was nothing related to their skills. And I still have the same stand that I would rather not discuss the reason why this change had to happen. Now, this new developments with our current photo team is different. The H2B personally requested this and seeing this is also his wedding (and one of the very rare requests, if I might add), I have yielded to this request. It was not a bad decision, really. Manny and April are simply awesome! I have been wowed by their work from the first time I have seen it. So for me, this was not an earth shattering decision from the groom. What I dreaded though was telling RoT about this change. I did not wait another day from the time the H2B decided on this. I informed them right away so that they can clear the date for our wedding for any future bookings. We, of course, had to let go of our down payment. But business is business. You may form friendships with your suppliers but at the end of the day they have to look after their welfare and their business. Life goes on. Lesson learned.

So now, I am happy and I feel light. I have accomplished what the H2B has requested, and I still have an awesome team on my big day. I am sad to have lost the opportunity to work with RoT but when a door closes another one opens. And I am glad to have Manny and April on our big day. I am also thrilled and very grateful at the flexibility of NYOI at allowing us to have them as our new backup photo team. They started from agreeing to being our main team, to doing an e-session when we had to make the first change, and to doing auxiliary now that we have none. They are God given suppliers to every couple, always willing to lend a helping hand with a smile. And I truly praise God for them.

This was a big lump on our otherwise smooth wedding preparation. The wait for the answers and decisions from the people involved drove me mad for days. This just might be the biggest change we have done so far, but one that was guided by prayer all through out. I did not want to hurt or offend anyone and I hope I have achieved this.

Okay, rant-slash-rave over. I am happy to finally get this out of my system. On to my next wedding preps conquest.

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