Friday, August 16, 2013

In Progress: Letter Decoupage

I have this paper love affair ever since I was a kid. I love paper stuff and I even love the smell of new books! I love going into Papemelrotti and just marveling at all the paper maché items that are on sale. 

So, I think you can already guess that I will be having some paper maché decors for our big day. The very first ones we got are the 4 feet letters from Luisa's Signature Arts and Decors from Market Market. And then there's the LOVE letters that I got for the W@W EB. Last week, my brother and I went back to buy some letters. 

Am planning to use these letters for our registration table. These are 8 inches high and I plan to wrap them in Shabby Chic papers that I got from a good friend. 

Here are the papers that I have chosen so far with the help of my brother.

I also got letters for our names. These are smaller, around 6 inches. 

I also plan to cover these with the shabby chic papers that I have that will suit our theme. I am so excited to start these but unfortunately I have been on a very hectic schedule. But this weekend I will already start on the LOVE letters (pun intended). LOL

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