Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Match" Made in Heaven

Oh yes, that we are. A match made in heaven. Pun intended. LOL

So, I have been meaning to DIY my matches for the big day and I didn't want the ordinary matches, mind you. I wanted the long ones, hence my excitement over the matches I got from my friend in my post here.

Now, you can imagine how happy I was to find these in the U.S.!!!

The package comes in three. So I have one for each Candle Sponsor and then one for safe keeping as a memorabilia. Each side has a different design:

These are similar in size to the one my friend got me. They are also 4.5 inches long, so no worries about my friends getting their fingers burned. 

I am still disputing in my head if I plan to personalize the match boxes or not but I think it is already pretty as it is. But if my OCness strikes me, I just might still personalize the damn boxes. LOL

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