Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Meeting with Paolo Blanco

Last Sunday, my co-W@Wies and I visited Paolo Blanco in is newly opened shop near SM City North. I fell in love with his creations when someone shared his Facebook account online so I decided to check him out too.

My co-W@Wies and I met at SM City North at around 1:00 PM and went straight to Paolo's shop. My gawd, the mall was like Divisoria on a weekend! There were too many people it was suffocating! There were kids all over the place in uniform like it was a field trip or something. I was just all too happy to get out of there fast!

We arrived at the shop a little before 2:00 PM and Paolo had a customer when we got there. But he was pleasant as always, greeting us right away when we got in.

While waiting for our turn, I took the time to take pictures of his place. I loved the gowns that were on display! Drool worthy!

I specifically loved the one in different colors on the right side. Here is a solo shot grabbed from Paolo's Facebook Account.

I am sooo having one made for me too for our post-party celebration! It is just too lovely! I am so tempted to have this made ASAP! Hello, low EQ.

These gowns were displayed in the shop window.

The one on the left side is actually a red wedding gown! Too bad it can't be seen from this angle but it's really pretty. I also took some pictures of his shop's interior. Simple, but elegant.

Flowers for the newly opened shop and
 I love the huge mirror!

I love the wallpapers

Artworks on the wall. Hello Ren and Melo!

I am a sucker for chandeliers

I love this couch! Hello Melo ni Ren! LOL

I found the interiors relaxing and comfortable. I was not able to take a picture of Paolo's desk, though. I forgot! LOL

The fitting or dressing room seems to be on the upper floor of the shop since people who came in to do fittings were escorted up. 

Paolo was easy to talk to and very nice. He went on to explain the possible materials that can be used for the gown that I liked and also showed us the swatches of the fabric choices available. He also showed us other creations that were not posted in his Facebook Account and I can see just how promising his work is. I also have to note how cute he is! LOL

His prices are also very reasonable for the quality of his work. I can already see me in my Paolo Blanco gown. Damn, I am so excited! 

If you want to get in touch with Paolo Blanco you can send him a message in his Facebook Account here. He answers real quick and is always pleasant, it's hard not to love the guy!

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