Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Customized Shoes: Roweliza Shoes and Bags Manufacturing

Having personalized or customized wedding shoes are all the rave these days. I know, I already have my wedding shoes. But I get this gut feeling I need another pair, you know? LOL

So, last weekend, my co-W@Wies and I attacked (yes, attacked since there were many of us) Roweliza Shoes and Bags Manufacturing in Marikina. So far among all the other suppliers that I inquired from they gave me the most affordable quote. And I trust Marikina shoemakers! Love your own. 

*wink, wink*

Their shop was easy to find and they had a small waiting area with some of their creations on display.

I loved that their shop was clean and the shoes were also clean, being wrapped in plastic and all. These were actually on sale too if you want to buy one. But the sizes are broken since these are normally just prototypes. They are selling them for around Php 100 to Php 400 depending on the shoe design. 

They were also ready with all possible swatches that can be used for your shoes. There were probably hundreds of swatches to choose from! It was good that Ms. Rowie suggested what material can be used ideally for us. They also measured our feet instead of just asking for our shoe size. This is good since my left feet is considerably bigger than my left one which causes problems for me when buying shoes. The left feet tends to lose shoes "Cinderella" type, so inconvenient! 

Their rates vary depending on the shoe design and material that you want. It starts from around a very reasonable price of Php 1,700. Mine costs Php 2,000.00 made of synthetic or man-made leather. Here is my peg minus the studs and platform. I just want it plain, matte silver with chunky heels. Ms. Rowie said we can have the interior and the sole of the shoes in hot pink! I love it! 

I plan to have it hand-painted, that is why I want it in matte. I found this website called Figgie Shoes and it really inspired me to have hand-painted shoes! You can check out their works here.

One of my co-W@Wies, Ren, found a local artist who can also hand-paint shoes! Her name is Mischelle Erika and her rates are also very affordable starting at Php 1,500 for just the basic black and white. See more of her works here

Production time of the shoes from Roweliza Shoes and Bags Manufacturing range from 4 to 6 weeks. After which I will hand the shoes over to ME so they can hand-paint on them which will take another month or so. Am so excited for this! I will make sure to post pictures once I have the shoes!

Roweliza Shoes and Bags Manufacturing
58 Sta. Ana Ext.
Marikina East Subdivision
San Roque, Marikina City
645-2825 and 0917-8132825
Facebook Page: Fashion Purveyor
Instagram: Roweliza


  1. Hi! Would like to know any updates regarding your shoes from Roweliza. I'm also thinking of visiting their shop to inquire on customized bridal shoes. Can you also recommend other shoe supplier? Thanks!

    1. Hello, Pearl! I got the shoes already and have yet to share the pictures. It's very pretty and comfy! I love it! You can also check out Manor Shoes, they are also from Marikina and they are pretty good too. :)