Thursday, August 29, 2013

Something Old

You know that saying about weddings, right?

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

So, for something new I already have lots of that element in the wedding. For something borrowed, they say you need to wear an undergarment of sort of someone who is fertile and has given birth to children. For something blue, it is said that the garter has to have a touch of blue in it. And a silver sixpence in her shoe, a silver coin in my shoe. I wonder if I can replace that with a different silver item... Hmmmm...

Anyway, we can ponder about that in another post. For now, I want to share my "something old". My theme is bordering on vintage, to romantic Victorian, to shabby chic. My theme itself is kinda old school, don't you think? So, without further ado, meet my "something old" Arrhae and Ring boxes.

Ring Box:

Top View

Side View

That's lock in front

Beside my phone for size comparison

Arrhae Box:

Top View

The lock in front

Beside my phone for size comparison

I didn't bother taking a side view of the arrhae box since the front view is pretty much the same since it is rectangular in shape. I have yet to DIY the pillow that I will use together with them. I am thinking if I want it in velvet red or pink. My theme is after all different shades of pink. But I am having second thoughts because pink might not go too well with gold, you know.

Perfect for the "something old" feel. I can already imagine our wedding rings inside the heart box and the coins inside the arrhae box. I can't wait for our big day! 

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