Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh, For The Love of Canvas Bags!

I wanted to give my guests something that the can either eat or use as giveaways. After browsing the net and checking for ideas, we finally settled on giving canvas bags, perfect in these times where there is a campaign of not using plastic bags anymore. I didn't want to use ecobags just because I wanted the bags really sturdy. And canvas has that kind of appeal, you know. It is... appealing. Ok, never mind. LOL

So, two Sundays ago, I picked up the bags in Greenhills where it was delivered by Hannah's Golden Spring. I was happy that it was packed properly in boxes and individually wrapped in plastic so it won't get dirty. The prints were also clear and clean. They got the exact shade of pink that I wanted and the canvas bags were thick and obviously durable.

The bag is 14 inches big and they got our seal perfectly. It is the exact same design. I decided to use the wax seal because it makes it look androgynous. Not very gender specific. Although I am very much tempted to add more like a rhinestone or a doily print in the corners. But the H2B said he already likes it the way it is so I am leaving it at that. 

The reason why I bought a lot of paper twine and jute strings is because I plan to tie the bags up with these strings and then attach our "Thank You" card to it. I am trying to decide what it's gonna look like.

Option #1: Roll it and tie a string to hold it up like the picture below which I grabbed from the Facebook account of Kris Bacani

Option #2: Fold it into a square and tie it up like a gift. Found this picture via Google. 

I will try them both and see how it looks once I have the printed "thank you" cards. I am kinda inclined to go with option #2 but I will ask the H2B what he thinks, too. 

I am also DIY-ing my Supplier Survival Kit using light canvas. Yeah, I know. Like I said, canvas has that kind of appeal to me. I love it! So I bought 4 yards of fabric from 999 Mall and then 2 rolls of cords. And then I already have a rubber stamp of our seal which I will plan to use so it will have the same design as our giveaways minus the date. I will fill it up with stuff that I think my suppliers might need like an energy bar should they get too tired, candies and nuts if they get hungry in between meals, band-aid and pain killers if they get wounded or some kind of ache (headache or body pains maybe?). Here are some samples I found online from an Etsy Store.

I want them 8 x 8 in size and then drawsting like these bags. I already have a few bags made. I will take a picture once I have a finish product. 


  1. hi sis! can i ask how much is the canvas bags, including the print? thanks!

    1. Hello, Alcyone! I got it for only 50 pesos per bag including print. It will cost more if you want multiple colors or digital printing. This is only silk screen printing, hence the low cost. But I can attest to the quality of both the canvas bag and the print! I love it! :)