Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thank You BDJ Box

I was fixing through my stuff last night and I saw in one corner my BDJ Boxes all piled up. I knew some of them still had stuff in it so I opened them one by one and got a bigger box to put the items in. I was surprised by how many unused beauty products I still have!

I used the box from Parvati that used to house a cake in it. So it is quite huge considering it's a full sized cake. But my goodies barely fit!

I also gathered up all the stickers that's been included in the boxes from the beginning. And I just had to smile at their messages. All of them were inspirational and "feel good" statements. 

I grouped together similar items and placed some in plastic bags before storing them in the box. I would have to buy a decent storage box from the mall this weekend so they can be kept properly while I am not going to use them yet. 

Facial Beauty Products

Hair Care Products


Facial Wash and Toothpaste

L'Occitane Items



I didn't realize I had so much, not counting some of those I just got from the August and September box. I think I have everything I need until the end of the year!

I have two more boxes that I am expecting to receive until the end of the year: The October and November box. Since the December box is already sold out before I was able to renew my subscription I decided not to push through for next year. I am still thinking if I want to continue or not since I am really disappointed with the fact that December boxes are sold out way before the months before that are. It does not make sense to me and I feel kinda cheated, to be honest. So because of this, I might not continue on next year. I might just try something else like Glamourbox. We'll see. 

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