Friday, October 11, 2013

JK Arts and Crafts Depot Exhibit in Loreland Farm Resort

Last September 29th, I attended this bridal fair in Loreland Farm resort where JK Arts and Crafts was among the suppliers list. I was excited to check out the bouquets they prepared for this event.

I went straight to JK Arts and Crafts Depot's booth when we arrived and was amazed at the beautiful creations I saw! Some of the models were also using some of the bouquets for the photo shoot and I had to wait for my turn for my own photo shoot. Can't blame them. The arrangements were fabulous! Here are my favorites!

Felt flowers in natural shades, perfect for a rustic theme.

Paper Flowers! OMG!! I love these!

Felt Roses in pink. Classy touch with the pearls.

How cute are these pink pomanders?!?

I also have a group picture with the rest of the bouts and bouquets.

There were some that are not here because as I mentioned, the models in bridal wear borrowed it for their photo shoot. Some placed the bouquets on the floor while doing other poses and I felt like giving them some eye-rolling while picking up the bouquet. I had to stop myself from yelling at them to not put the pretties on the floor! Demmit. LOL

Charms and Details is the brand of JK Arts and Carfts Depot who does these creations. Hence the initials in the "couple backdrop" setup that you see here.

Oooohhhh... And I loved these pinwheels! Errr... That's what it's called, right?

Oh, hello there Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right! This is so "Meet The Robinsons"! Love it!

My travel took longer than the actual time that I stayed in the fair because I had to run off for a scheduled food tasting with CVJ Catering. But it was worth the effort! Now I am more certain than ever that me and my girls are going to have such lovely flowers on my big day! Thanks again to the W@W 2013 EB, I wouldn't have won this awesome prize if it weren't for you! 

If you want to check out their work or place an order, you can reach them here:
JK Arts and Crafts Depot Facebook Account


  1. Oh my goodness these are so beautiful!!! :-) If you're getting these, you can actually store them after your wedding :-)

    1. Hello, Ingrid! Yes, they are indeed! And yes, I am getting these lovelies for the big day! At least my girls can also keep their bouquets as some sort of souvenir! :)