Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oh, For The Love of Canvas Bags! {Part 2}

I am not yet done repacking the canvas bags giveaways yet. I ran out of the cellophane I was using so would need to buy some more when I go to Greenhills. But in the meantime, I am already done with my canvas bag pouches that I plan to use for my Supplier's Survival Kit!

These are 8 inches high and 5 inches across. The strings are 20 inches per end, and since I wanted both sides to have a knot, I used up 40 inches for one bag. I bought the fabric from 999 Mall which costs 35 pesos per yard. The strings were just 25 pesos per roll which I bought from Michelle's in Tutuban. 

I started putting in the strings around midnight and finished two hours later. I used a safety pin to help me get the strings in and out the small holes of the edges. 

After two hours! Tadah!

Now, I am working on the print that I want for the pouches. So far here is what I came up with. 

This is not yet final. Am still thinking if I want to change this design or not. And I am still thinking if I want to hand stamp and not see the colors or use iron on transfer paper so I get the colors. I will let you know how that ends. 



  1. what do u plan to give them... wala pa me idea sa survival kit ko... thanks! -jojie

    1. Hello, Jojie! I bought these really cute Tic-Tacs that I will include in the pouch. They are smaller than the usual ones. And then some energy bars, candies, first aid stuff like band aids, safety pins, Biogesic, Imodium, Kremil-S, and the like. What do you think? Can you suggest anything else from that list? :)