Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My E-Session Gowns by Art John Albelar

It was just less than 2 weeks before our shoot with Chasing Tales (which was moved due to venue problems, btw) and Manny & April Photography and I did not have the gowns I needed! I was panicked!

I initially planned to have these gowns made by Amonn and Paolo but I was too pressed for time, I could not find it in my schedule to go to their shop. Good thing one W@Wie mentioned Art, a.k.a. Heart who did her entourage gown for a wedding she will be attending. She said his rates were also affordable plus he does home service. As a matter of fact, the very next day he was set to do home service for one of his brides. So I hurriedly sent him an SMS to ask if he can still do 5 gowns in 10 days. When he said yes, I was ecstatic! It was good he was set to go to Cubao where the H2B and I was headed for that day too!

We met him at CBTL in Gateway. I showed him the lookboard I got from Aira so he knows what I needed. He made sketches for me and tweaked some of the designs based on my body type. He was fast and he was good at sketching! He was also very keen to details.

He shared some of the gowns he made and I was surprised to see that he was also the one who did the gowns for other celebrities like Toni Rose Gayda and Jonalyn Viray. Well, I figured they won't keep getting his services if he wasn't good, right?

So, on the spot we booked him. He was very thorough! He didn't have any receipt with him during that time so he created a pseudo contract for us, he presented a photo of his permits in the shop, and all that. It was a Saturday, and he scheduled my fitting on Thursday. Wow.

We arrived in his Alabang shop Thursday noon. It was a humble shop but it was pretty obvious that he had a lot going on. There were a lot of gowns and suits in hangers either waiting to be delivered, picked-up or for final details. He was ready with 3 of my gowns. I was very pleased when I fit them! No alterations needed!

After 3 more days he delivered the gowns to me. Here are shots I have of the gowns but believe me, my crappy phone camera pictures do not do justice to these fabulous dresses.

Dress #1:

From Aira's lookbook

My gown

Heart did say that it would take time to do hand painted ombre fabric. But he did not end there. He layered 4 fabrics to create the look I needed! This guy is amazing.

Dress #2:

From Aira's lookbook

My gown

What Heart did here was a two-piece kind of gown. I could remove the sheer black ball skirt and it would be a little black dress. And he got the style of the bow of the top to a tee! Aira paired this off with red peep toes.  Love it!

Dress #3:

From Aira's lookbook

My gown

Sorry for the crappy laying out of the skirt on the bed. I didn't realize this until now. LOL. Heart got the dress exactly. The length was just right, the fit was just right. Even the cinch of the waist was just right. Perfect. 

Dress #4:

From Aira's lookbook

My gown

OMG... This gown is absolutely dreamy! And yes, it can do that wind blown look too! Heart altered the top cut to fit my physique which is wonderful. The skirt is very flowy! And did I mention it's absolutely dreamy? Oh yeah, and it's really dreamy.

Dress #5:

From Aira's lookbook

My gown

This almost feels like a wedding gown when I wore it! The sleeves are exactly as it is from the gown from Aira's lookbook. And I love that Heart made me a lace belt so I can use it for gown 4 and 5 for a second look! Like gown 4, this has really flowy skirt and very very dreamy! I can imagine wearing this for my Batanes shoot too. *sigh*

So there you have it! I already used gowns 1 and 2 with my shoot for Manny & April. But since my shoot with Chasing Tales got moved, I haven't gotten to use gown 3 to 5. And I am excited for this!!

Again, my camera phone pictures do not do justice to these fab, fab, fab gowns! I don't have shots of me wearing it yet too. Am still waiting for the official pictures from my April. And I am (again) excited!!!

Okay, so let's talk prices. I can tell you that Heart charged me very affordable rates for these gowns. Like you won't believe it. It's crazy-good prices. I implore you, dear reader, to get in touch with him and talk gowns. But believe me, the total amount I paid for these babies is just a little over 10k. And I mean really just "a little" over. Seriously.

Although, prices may differ depending on the complexity of the design that you want. These gowns were pretty simple but believe me when I say he did not scrimp with the fabric both in quality and quantity. He is a gem, a rare find. 

If you want to get in touch with him, here are his contact details:

Facebook Page: (although his FB is not all that updated with his latest works, but there are a few of it in there)
Mobile Phone: 0921-2588633
Email addy:
Shop addy: 402 South Super Highway Alabang, Muntilupa City 


  1. Every part of my latest buying experience was awesome! When I opened the dress there was a matching shawl included! I don't remember reading about that being included so it was a fun surprise!
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    1. Hello, Knowledge Fire! Yeah for me he included a lace belt which was also not included in our initial agreement! He really knows how to take care of his clients. :)

    2. thanks so much Madam Ivy This is amazing Blog for me May GOD bless you!