Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ocular: Victoria's Court Suites Pasig

The first time I saw the Venice Room in Victoria's Court Pasig was when they attended this bridal fair and had an LCD monitor showing the different themed rooms that they were offering. I was surprised to know that they really offer party packages and photoshoot rates. So I had a chat with their friendly account executive and vowed to have our e-session done in the Venice Room. It was really breath taking in the pictures. I was blown away!

So 3 days before our shoot with Manny and April, the H2B and I decided to finally check out the Venice Room. We already booked it for our shoot but we wanted to see it in person.

The room was actually smaller than what I imagined. When you check the pictures online it looks like a huge room. But in reality, it was just like a slightly a larger condo studio unit. But the good thing about it is each corner had it's own character, there were a lot of photo opportunities.

The room was not set up when we visited but we were informed that the area where the gondola is has actual water on the day that we will use it so it will be realistic. The bathtub slash Jacuzzi can also be used, water will be pouring from the two female statues with vases. It was cool that we could adjust the lights for "stars" to show up on the "sky" to make it appear outdoor. 

The account executive also suggested we check out Moulin Rouge since it was pretty popular as an e-session venue too. 

It seems as if there were more photo opportunities in the Moulin Rouge room even if it was just the same size as the Venice room but since there were already a number of e-sessions shot there it kinda lost it's appeal to me. Besides, I really loved the wall murals of the Venice Room! 

We got the room for Php 6,995 for 6 hours. We made a 30% down payment to reserve the room and then full payment on the day itself. It was really cool during the shoot day itself but that belongs to another post together with our official pictures from Manny & April. 

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