Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Guestbook: The Real Wedding of the Century by Tita Witty

I have been such a busy-bee these past month it's crazy! The H2B came home earlier than expected and it was a whirlwind of activity from there.

But worry not, let me backtrack on what 's happened since then. Let's start with our guestbook which I got the same day that we picked the H2B up from the airport.

It all started when one of my FB friends posted this link for a planner called "Relaks, Pagibig Lang Yan Parang Kagat Lang ng Langgam 2014 Planner" by Witty Will Save The World. I was so curious about this so I clicked their FB page. I checked out what the planner was about and I kept laughing at the teasers that I decided to get one for myself and another one as a gift to one of my girlfriends.

As I was browsing through their FB wall, I noticed the wedding guestbook that Tita Witty also designed. It was hilarious! And then and there I decided it is what I wanted for our wedding.

I actually gave the guestbook to a W@Wie friend who is fantastic with calligraphy so she can write our names and stuff on the guestbook. I just know it will turn out absolutely awesome! I can't wait to use this!

If you wanna order one for yourself, you can contact Tita Witty via their Facebook Page. You can also order via SMS, her mobile number is 0906-4652191. Modes of payment are via bank deposit to her BDO or BPI account, G-cash and PayPal. You can also find their products in Bratpack, Fully Booked and Quirks if you are not comfortable doing it online. 

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