Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pre-Cana Seminar: Check!

Last November 9th we attended the Pre-Cana Seminar in San Agustin Church which lasted from 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN.

We left early fearing the traffic of Manila, as a result we arrived 45 minutes early. We were couple number 4 in the registration even if we were there way ahead of time!

First thing we did was to register in their office, we wrote down our names, where we were to be married and when. We also paid the fee of Php 750.00 which is already good for the both of us. After that we were directed to go into this room just outside the office which was set up like a conference of some sort.

There were more than 30 couples who attended that day, including some students from DLSU. At first when we didn't know that these guys were students, the H2B and I were surprised to see male/male and female/female "couples" joining the class. Let me clarify, I am not anti LGBT. I was merely surprised to see them there thinking it was a Catholic Church and knowing how strict they are on matters relating to homosexuality. But then the speaker welcomed the said "couples" as students. LOL

Our speaker was Sir Joseph Duyan, a.k.a Huseng Langgam. He is a professor in Adamson University and at the same time a member of CFAM. It was a good thing he was entertaining and funny, otherwise I would have fallen asleep. You know how I hate mornings. *yawn*

It was also good that we had interactive activities. The toughest was when he asked the couples to make a drawing of their depiction of  what is under the sea using one hand without speaking with each other. It can be the groom's hand over the bride's or the other way around. It really depended on the couple. We were given a few minutes to do the drawing after which he chose random couples to explain their work. We later on found out that the activity we did was like married life. Sometimes as wives we may lead, or sometimes the husbands will. But what is important we do it together, and that we give way when applicable. At first, I let the H2B lead the way, my hand on top of his and I just went along with what he wanted to do. But then I wanted to add a couple of elements or fix the ones he already put in. So I would lift his hand off the paper a bit to indicate I wanted to lead. At first his had was heavy, and then I squeezed his hand to show I wanted him to ease up, so he did. And then it was easier for me to control his hand. There were things that I discovered in that activity which I wrote down in the piece of paper that we had. Later that night, I shared these findings with him and we discussed it. I shared what my interpretations were of those things I noticed and I let him correct me if I was wrong. Overall, it was a good discussion. You see, I wanted us to have a good married life. And I wanted us to see eye to eye and work together to make things work. That's why I was all OC, writing my observations down and having a discussion with him.

Another thing I appreciated during the Pre-Cana Seminar is that we didn't go hungry! We had a break for a few minutes with snacks. They prepared ham and cheese sandwiches for us. There were also choices of beverage: soda or juice.

We got our certificate right after the seminar. Yipee!!

What's good about the Pre-Cana Seminar in San Agustin Church is that they have it every Saturday. And there is no need to set an appointment. All you have to do is show up, pay the fee, attend the seminar, and then voila! 

So, one big check for this on our To-Do List! We are almost done with our requirements! 

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