Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The 100 Day Count

Today, the 8th of November, marks our 100 day count! Just 100 days before our "I Do's"!

All of a sudden I am feeling panicked, thinking of all the DIYs that I have yet to finish. I am also thinking of all the small details that I still need to iron out.

I am staring at our 4 feet initials here in the room, remembering when I got them and how long they have been standing by the bed gathering dust. I am thinking about our assignment from Aisle1401, who by the way just threw a rocking party earlier today (meaning the 7th of November). We just got home and we had fun!

Our e-sessions are also coming up and I already got my lookboards from Aira but haven't had any of the gowns created. I need around 6 gowns, I think. Must have these made ASAP!

I am thinking of the invitations which have not been printed yet, and I have yet to find a supplier to do the printing. I am all messed up with thinking if we will just do ordinary offset printing or have it embossed. Letterpress is definitely off the list since if would cost too much and it just breaks my heart thinking the guests are just gonna throw those away after anyway.

I am thinking of the wedding giveaways that we still need to repack. I have already started on these but there are still more than a hundred left to work on. And I have yet to print or hand stamp the design on our supplier survival kit pouches.

I look at all the decors I have accumulated for our registration table and think of listing them all so that Flower Power will know what to do with them on the day itself.

I need to do another trip to Divi and Dapitan Arcade but with the storm coming this might have to be postponed.

I am thinking of all the seminars and documents we need to have before the big day.


*breathe in, breathe out*

Good thing the H2B is here with me, I am, for a change, not alone in my worries. Thank God for a steadfast partner.

Well, here is to a happy 100 day count for us! And in celebration, I have now removed our password for the Wedsite!


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