Wednesday, November 27, 2013

VIP Gifts: Check!

From the beginning, there were two considerations for us in terms of gifts and giveaways, including those for the VIPs: One, something edible. Two, something useful. We were not fans of souvenir items that will just be displayed and gather dust as time went by. We wanted it to be either all gone because it was eaten, or something they can actually use in this lifetime. That is why we decided on giving canvas bags for the guests. And the same reason we decided to give either a cake or a watch storage box for our VIPs.

Now, the H2B didn't want something that will be all forgotten by our VIPs like cupcakes or cakes, so he decided to go with the watch storage box.

Discovering our supplier for the watch storage box was an accident. We went to Dapitan Arcade to shop for decors when we happened upon a stall selling different storage boxes: jewelry boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, watch storage boxes, gift boxes. We were surprised at the very affordable price range that they quoted us. It was cheaper by more than a hundred pesos from those at the malls! You can imagine how excited we got. Check out what we scored for our VIPs:

Female Principal Sponsors:

Male Principal Sponsors:

The interior was nice, covered in velvet and satin. You just need to be careful in checking each one meticulously since there were some that were not very well made. I had to double check each one before paying the vendor just to make sure it was all of good quality. After all, we don't want to give our VIPs defective items, right?


  1. Hi there :) we are interested in these kind of boxes for our wedding this October 2014. May we know, how much this cost in dapitan archade? we have scouted kasi sa greenhills. We wanna know which is more economical. THanks :)

    1. Hi, Jenny. Dapitan Arcade's price is lower by Php 100 to Php 150. :)