Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wella® Illumina Hair Color by Jesi Mendez Salon Professionals

When I had my meeting with Aira, I asked her what I can do to my hair since the color has already gone down due to hair growth. And the only thing she could advice was to color it a darker shade to cover up the blondish shade I had on. I was very clear that I did not want to touch up on the roots because blond was just not my color.

It was timely that I found this voucher from DealGrocer for Jesi Mendez Salon offering Senior Stylist Cut and Wella® Illumina Hair Color deal. So the day before my shoot with Aisle1401, I paid Jesi Mendez Salon in Glorietta for some hair revamping.

It was a Monday but the salon was pretty swamped with customers, mostly foreigners. But I did not have to wait long to be attended.

Check out my before and after shot!



Tadah!! No more ombre blond hair! It looks black but it's actually very dark brown. I love it!

The H2B had a funny comment about the AFTER pic being scary since I had the white salon thing on and then just plain black long hair. He said it reminds him of Sadako from The Ring. LOL

Since I had a shoot the next day, I asked the stylist if I could already wash my hair then and she said yes. When I washed it I was worried I would see my hair color together with the water down the drain but thank God nothing like that happened. My hair was kinda course though but nothing my conditioner could handle.

The following day, my hair was styled without any problem for our video shoot with Aisle1401. Check out my HMU done by Jen Gumban.

I kinda look different here but in the Aisle1401 video when they let me check out my makeup I looked just like myself. Anna explained that there are different kinds of makeup and what I had on was perfect for video shoots. 

Check out my black hair! I think it made me look younger. LOL

If you wanna try out the Wella® Illumina Hair Color, check out the nearest Jesi Mendez branch near you. But for me, I know I will be back in their Glorietta branch before my big day for some touch ups.

Jesi Mendez Salon
New Glorietta, Makati
(02) 812 0420, (02) 812 0369

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