Wednesday, November 27, 2013

W@W Christmas Party 2013

Last 22nd of November the H2B and I attended the W@W Christmas Party at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Parañaque City. I am always excited to attend W@W events but more so this time because I have a groom with me! LOL

I chose this day to have my trial makeup with my booked HMUA for the wedding, Michelle Camaclang, 2 birds in one stone. I was supposed to be in her Somerset Makati Studio by 3:00 PM but due to heavy traffic I arrived an hour late. Of course, this proceeded to be a Domino effect, we finished 6:00 PM which was supposed to be our call time in Blue Leaf!!

Our centerpiece was supposed to be arranged by us. Good thing that one of my table mates had the watering can with flowers so our table was not all that bare even when I was late. When I got there I was all stressed in fixing the table. But I noticed some were not done yet as well so I relaxed a bit. Here is what we came up with.

Errrr... Yes my teammates voted Poison Ivy as our table name. LOL

So, does this look like a backyard to you? We were working in getting a backyard vibe for our tables. I used artificial plants, the round ones. And then a wooden chopping board as a centerpiece base. Then I added the tea lamp with led light. The tin watering can and other smaller tin can is really nice, yes? I got those from Robinson's Galleria Department store for just a little over a hundred bucks! Happiness!

I realized that this was some sort of contest pretty late, the H2B initially thought our table was overdecorated but when he saw the other tables he realized our was actually under-decorated. Imagine that. 

There were a lot of notable events that took place during the W@W Christmas party. I've listed my favorites in Facebook as a status by tradition! Let me share it here too

What I loved best about the 2013 Christmas party? #waw2013xmas

Sa totoo lang kulang tong Top 10 eh! Pero here goes:

1. The suppliers were all very game. Kahit on the spot hiningan ng prize for the W@Wies eh go paren! God bless you guys for your generosity.Super fun makita kayo sa events ng W@W!
2. The Top 10 Suppliers video was just too cool! Nakaka pigil hininga panuorin, promise! Fave part ko is yun unang shot palang si Manny and April Photography agad yun kita (love your own), kumakaway ng Princess Diaries style si Tippy, yung reaction ni Aira nun nag double yung card na lumabas nun lalabas na yun top 5 and yung ayaw tumayo sa upuan ni John of Aisle1401! Hanggang ngaun nag plaplay pa sa isip ko! Winner!
3. Food was great! Nakaka busog promise! Ang dami and ang sarap! Thanks sa sponsors! 
4. Love, love, love the button pins! 4th W@W pin na namen to! Parang toys ng Happy Meal to, I want to collect them all! More, more W@W events! Thanks sis OJ sa cute na cute na pin design!
5. Kulet ng sayaw ng mga co-W@Wies. Kahit nasa likod ako fun panuorin. 
6. Yun song ni Didda Abet! Napa sing along ako eh! LSS!
7. Yung photo opps sa entrance ni Mezarc Buslon Fotografie, sooo love this! 
Nakaka tuwa!
8. Styling ni Moki Gray{designs} walang kupas! Ikaw na talaga! Love it!
9. Yung instaprint ni Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings nakaka tuwa! I got our pictures before we got home, memories! 
10. And syempre yung W@W family super sayang bonding moment. Wala man kami napanaulan sa raffle pero yun friendships na nabuo sa W@W is more than enough, winner na ako dun palang. Super happy nako. 

Oh, I mentioned I had my trial with Michelle Camaclang, right? Check out my makeup and hairdo. I love 'em both!

And it took me half the day to find matching old rose tops for me and the H2B! But it was all worth it! 

Oh, and check out our button pins! Since the H2B is attending this time he has one too!

We also got a W@W desktop Calendar, by the way. Really nice. There were other freebies, too. Plus, we got out pictures from Niceprint's Instaprint right away. I want something like that on our big day too!

Overall we had fun during the party. It was kinda sad that there were some of our friends who were not able to attend, though. But we had loads of fun with those who were there. W@W love, ya'll!

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