Friday, January 31, 2014

Bridal Registry: Check!

When I was a kid, our family would get wedding invites with these small cards with mall logos on it. And back then I thought their wedding was being sponsored by the said mall. LOL

Now that I am "older" (yeheess...) and getting married myself, I now know what these cards with mall logos are for. They are for the gift registry. I was able to use one when I attended a birthday party and another one for a christening event. Although we included a gift blurb in our RSVP card, we also included a bridal registry card for those people who we feel is kinda awkward to be asking monetary gifts from. Like our friends, LOL.

I wanted to register in SM Department store since their prices are really affordable but my mom laughed hysterically at me. So we decided to go with the usual Rustan's Department Store. I also read somewhere that Debenham's does bridal registries as well so we visited them too.

When we got to Rustan's in Shangri-La Mall, we were ushered into their customer service area. There the personnel explained how the bridal registry went. I was amazed that we can actually return an item to them and choose a different one in the event it was defective or got doubled when they failed to properly register it when someone purchases from a different branch. We also had the option to choose GCs instead of actual items. We can also just choose generic items without really being specific but then we won't be able to return it like if we choose specific ones. So we opted to go around the mall and choose items instead of going generic. The personnel then scheduled us to an appointment because going around the mall to choose our items has an allotted time of an hour and a half with one of their attendants.

We then visited Debenham's as well. We felt that gift registry here was not as common in Rustan's because the sales people didn't know what we were talking about initially. We had to speak to the manager so he can help us out. The rules were pretty much the same with Rustan's except here we can choose even among their clothes line. In Rustan's we had to stick to the home wares and luggage items. The manager said we can already go around and look but since it was getting late we decided to do the going around when we return for our appointment in Rustan's.

So, we arrived on the dot for our appointment 2 days later. We were happy that even if the personnel in the customer service area in Rustan's was someone else, she was very prompt and efficient. She found our appointment right away, gave us our bridal registry cards and informed us we can ask for more if necessary. She then took a clipboard and escorted us around the mall. Since we already pretty much knew what we wanted, we finished in just an hour or so. She then said she will send us an email of our chosen items as a form of confirmation. And yes, we received the email after 2 days. So, good job!

Next, we moved to Debenham's where the manager recognized us right away. The home items were limited in Debenham's. Most of the ones we chose were towels and linens. Also, their pricing was pretty much the same as Rustan's but we found that their items were of (somewhat) lower grade. For example, the price of their linen with 280 thread count was the same as the ones from Rustan's with better thread count. Stuff like that. But their designs are prettier, though.

So, here are the bridal registry cards that we got.


Discount Coupon for Bellevue & Item Catalog

Actual Bridal Registry Cards


You can write your names and the 
event type in front

The expiry date is stamped within the card

Overall, I think Rustan's offers better registry features. They also offer shipping the items to our address if the guests do not want to bring it with them. And then also their card may seem pretty generic but when you go to their customer service area they can print out the items on our wishlist and give it to you. Once you've decided what to buy you can come back and they will simply find it for you while you wait. 

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