Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY Series: Wedding Invites and Giveaway

I am a tragically hands-on bride. Tragically, yes. I am so OC sometimes even I get upset with my self. LOL

One of the things that I was very OC about were our wedding invitations. Some would say that it is useless to spend money on this, and yes I agree. But that does not mean you need to sacrifice the quality. You see, the wedding invitations are the windows into the wedding itself. This is where the guests would get the feel of how your day would be. So instead of the regular digital print, we opted to have it embossed. We initially wanted to go letter press but we felt it was too expensive to be just thrown away afterwards. LOL 

I have scrounged up so many samples in the internet and I have always liked the ones that are wrapped instead of those with pockets. So when we got our invites from Printrade Society Printers, we started working on it right away.

Our invites were placed in this box when we 
picked it up. Nice!

Good job to Printrade because it was already 
inside the envelopes and the RSVP cards
were neatly bundled together

Our sample invite

We wanted to wrap it in doilies at first but since we could not find rectangle or square ones that we liked, I figured we can emboss on parchment paper to create the "lace paper" feel that we wanted.

Cricut Cuttlebug and Darice Embossing Folder 
in Fleur De Lis

Tadah! Embossed parchment paper!

The good thing about parchment paper is that it gets embossed fairly quickly and it gives that sleek feel because of the texture. It also does not get crumpled easily. 

So, what we wanted to do was to use these embossed papers to wrap our invites before putting them into the envelopes. We used a transparent ribbon instead of our initial plan of using jute string because it looks better. 

We folded the parchment paper into 3 and cut it 
into the size of our invites before embossing

Finished product before slipping into the envelope

When we delivered these to the guests most of them exclaimed at how pretty the invites were! We used clear vinyl stickers to seal the envelopes since we did not want it to look overdecorated with the printed monogram on the flap and all. We used a huge craft puncher to cut out the vinyl sticker into a hand shape. It was a hit with our guests!

For our wedding giveaways, we folded the canvas bags and put them in clear DVD cellophane. The size is perfect for it to be handy but not too small. And it was convenient that the plastic has a self-adhesive flap. We were disputing if we will use baker's twine or jute strings on these and after testing them both out, we decided to use jute string instead.

Finished Product

We used a single-puncher to create the small
holes for the thank you cards

Overall, we are satisfied with the outcome of these projects. We are still working on a couple more. Yes, I know, it is just 2 weeks before the big day. Spell cramming! So wish us luck that we will finish it all in time!


  1. Hi sis may i ask where did you bought your cricut cuttlebug and darice embossing paper?

    1. Hello, sis. I got mine from the US but you can buy these from local sellers too like Memory Lane Shop and Lasting Impressions. Here are their FB accounts:
      Memory Lane Sop:
      Lasting Impressions:

      Hope this helps! :)