Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let the New Year Roll!!

Is it really 2014?!?

I was having mixed emotions in welcoming the New Year. As 2013 was ending, so is a huge chapter of my life, my life as a single lady. By the same time next year I will be someone's wife. There were a lot of thoughts running through my mind. First of which was... OMG, are we cramming now?! We had two years worth of preparation time!

Yup, I was feeling and thinking that during New Year's Eve. We had an RSVP of January 15th on our invites and we didn't have any print outs yet. We encountered some issues with our printers where they needed the PSD file and our designer specifically indicated that she will not be providing this, just the high res JPEG. So, after going through back and forth for a month, we decided to ask them to sign a document assuring us that the design will not copied so we could ask our invitation suite designer for the PSD file. Once we have provided this, we encountered further problems with the fonts not being available for them so they were getting an error message in their darn laptops and could not proceed with printing. By this time the FFIL and the H2B decided to go straight to the printing press instead of speaking to the AE where they were able to speak directly to the artist in charge. She showed them what the problem was and that contrary to what the AE was saying, it will not take 7 to 10 working days for the printing. So once that is all settled, printing will now start tomorrow and will only take a day or two. Oh, thank God!!

But nonetheless, I had the RSVP date moved to the 30th of January to give the guests a decent time to respond.

Now, they were explaining that it would have been easy to print it all out if we were after digital printing. But since I wanted to get the invites embossed, well that is why they needed the PSD file. But we didn't want it just digitally printed, so there. But good thing it's all moving forward now.

Due to the holidays, my diet went to extinction. Gone. So, with just a month left before the big day, I am at my biggest. Oh, where can I buy some self-control and discipline?! It's just that there were so many parties, dinners, meet-ups... And I could not just say no when everyone was eating. And then there's... The excuses go on and on. All the fat that was busted during my lipo-cav sessions are all back and probably doubled. I will just probably leave it all to self confidence when I walk down the aisle. LOL

Well, me and the H2B are on a final effort to lose weight. We have now decided to cut down on rice. The H2B is even back to playing basketball now. Let's see where this will take us. But whatever happens, the show must go on!

We are now back to completing our DIYs for the big day. And repacking our giveaways. I have also learned how to use Photoshop (yehey!!) so I have some other DIYs that I am working on right now involving that. It was not as hard as I thought it is, but I still find using Microsoft Word easier. Here is the first thing I did using Photoshop, our thank you cards!

I am still on a geek-high over this. But I have since taken on more projects for our wedding using photoshop. I will share these in my next entries.

Overall, the first month of 2014 has been a roller coaster ride for me already. I am anxious to see what the second month will bring... But hey, bring it on! 

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