Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The DIY Groom

I am a DIY bride. This is common knowledge with just about everyone I am friends with in Facebook. LOL

Oh, and what joy it is that the H2B is here with me! I now have a DIY Groom! Here are some stuff that he has accomplished so far:

1. Our DIY monogrammed table napkins! We used the stamps I had made in Recto. If you can still remember, I tried this before but it didn't look (or feel) as good as when the groom was the one who made it. The ink we used is called Stampin' Up in "Pretty in Pink".  And we used Sanicare table napkins, we liked it best because it is soft and has this nice flower engraved design. Plus it's cheap at Php 27.00 per 40 sheets!

2. Check out our decoupage luggage that we will use on our registration table! It started out just a plain natural brown like any other paper maché. But after using some nice sheets from our Wrapping Paper Book, this is how it turned out. We used Elmer's Glue Stick in Extra Strength and for the pink handle we used pink acrylic paint.

We have another luggage that is work in progress, hopefully we can find the brown distressed ink we need for that leather feel for this last bag. Then there is still our 4 feet paper maché initials that needs to be covered by fabric. For this project we will use Mod Podge for fabric to make sure it sticks nicely. We are also still working on our supplier survival kits and I feel we are so running out of time! So wish us luck!  

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